Stay Classy, Mary-Ann Baldwin (Updated)

Democrats and their ‘New Tone’ —  Elevating the discourse to new highs and sad lows, like pets peeing on public buildings like an occupier.

Case in point, Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh Councilwoman. She decided it would ‘send a message’ to the GOP in NC if she took a picture of her dog peeing on one of the pillars at the North Carolina General Assembly and then post it on Facebook. Upon checking her Facebook page, the photo is not there anymore or at least an unfriended user can’t see it.  If it was Tweeted, that’s been deleted as well.  From the looks of it, the message Baldwin sent went from ‘Dog Pee’ to ‘Retreat’.

It’s alright, WBTW had it memorialized but it disappeared. WRAL has an article with a video showing the image. Here is a screengrab:

Baldwin Dog Pee Protest - NCGA



Baldwin seems to think this was being tough and appropriate:

The Democratic councilwoman concedes the image is undiplomatic, but suggests it is emblematic of the Republican-dominated body’s treatment of the state’s citizens. The photo has triggered numerous comments online and been re-shared by others.

“It shows a little outrage, and I think a little outrage is appropriate right now,” Baldwin said Friday. “I think it’s time for the gloves to come off.” (ABC 11)

This was neither tough nor appropriate. It was gross and unbecoming an elected official no matter who you are. One hopes she at least had the decency to clean up after her pet. That is a public building, after all, paid for and kept up by the taxpayers, not some dog park where every tree is fair game.

One of Baldwin’s major stated issues when running was the “Preservation of Dorothea Dix property as a destination park.” The land sale was controversial and one of the last acts by former Governor Bev Perdue as she left office. The sale was widely seen as an unwise investment move that was fiscally irresponsible and one that would stick taxpayers with more bills. The recent move to cancel the sale apparently is what triggered the pet urination photo.

It’s worth noting what followed preservation of the Dix land sale for Baldwin:

More effective communication among all elected officials, including the state legislative delegation, Wake County Commissioners and Board of Education, especially on issues related to growth and transportation.

“More effective communication” indeed.

UPDATE: This is one of your City Council Members, Raleigh. Apparently very proud of her photography handiwork, via Twitter:


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