Raleigh NAACP & Occupy Jump On Trayvon Martin Bandwagon

Even as more is coming out on this story that conflicts with the original narrative the mainstream media tried to sell us, the “rallies” keep popping up.

WRAL is not reporting anything about John Edwards and the Madam/Prostitution ring story that broke late last week, but they are running with a story on Trayvon Martin. I noticed that WRAL is using the same old picture of Trayvon Martin with the story instead of the updated ones circulating. The article features NC’s own NAACP useful idiot, Reverend Barber, and a mention of Occupy Raleigh’s candle lit vigil for Martin.

From the article:

“The reason there’s such tension about it is because everywhere in this country, people can tell you stories, the same story, about the criminalization of our African-American men,” said Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.

A little background on Reverend Barber:

Barber is well known in the Triangle for his theatrics and three ring circus tactics. He inserted himself into the Wake County school assignment plan debates, turning it into a civil rights issue and making claims the new assignment policy was in essence racist. He makes a career out of being arrested and causing scenes all over North Carolina.

Some video of his most recent arrests, drama and ‘that’s racist!’ moments:

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