NC Gov. Perdue Hands Are Dirty

Bev Perdue is proving to be more of an Obama Girl that I originally thought. It would seem the hands she claimed to be clean are, in fact, dirty – very dirty.

To play a bit of catch-up, hit my prior post on this Bev and her document two-step here.

From the Carolina Journal, emphasis added:

RALEIGH — Gov. Bev Perdue violated a cooperative agreement between the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and the state of North Carolina Aug. 18 when she told the Rotary Club of Asheville that the state lost 11,000 public-sector jobs in July.

The job loss figures were supposed to be protected by an embargo until 10 a.m. Aug. 19; she made her remarks roughly 12 hours before the embargo was lifted.

According to BLS officials, Betty McGrath, director of the Labor Market Information Division for the state’s Division of Employment Security (then known as the Employment Security Commission), reported the violation to the BLS regional office in Atlanta after seeing media reports of the Perdue comments.

BLS Regional Director Janet Rankin confirmed to Carolina Journal that a violation occurred. She followed up with interviews of ESC officials, including director Lynn Holmes. Rankin did not say if any further action was taken.

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