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Gates Funded Start Up’s Director Is Tarheel Of The Week

The News and Observer’s Tarheel of the Week is Tony Habit of NC New Schools. Anyone fighting Common Core in the state has heard both of those names at least a few times. Funnily enough, the N&O article doesn’t mention Common Core — at all.

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Unanswered Questions On Those “10,000 Comments”

Those who attended the North Carolina Common Core legislative research committee meetings might remember remarks made by Dr. Atkinson about “10,000” comments or pieces of feedback apparently given on the standards prior to their implementation.

I’ve asked for those comments back in July and have yet to receive them. Perhaps publishing this question will help the data get to me. Continue reading

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NC Superintendent Holding Her Own Common Core Commission

CCSSO President Elect and NC State Superintendent, June Atkinson, is apparently holding her own little Common Core Commission.

“So parallel to the work of this commission, we will be looking at the standards by inviting teachers who have used the standards for at least two to three years to give us input,” she said.
– Citizen Times

Oh really? Look out, we’ve got a “bearing false witness” alert here.CC June False Witness
Atkinson can’t be on the commission, so she will make sure Common Core gets a seen as superior with her hand-picked “parallel” group.

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