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Dog Fight At Dog Park Brings In Dog Expert Councilwoman

There was an alleged dog attack in a popular Raleigh Dog park over the weekend. Apparently, two pit bulls went after a Corgi, nearly ripping it’s scalp off.


Raleigh, N.C. — Wake County animal control officers and Raleigh police are investigating the attack of a family pet at a city-owned dog park over the weekend.

Joan Troy says her 13-year-old Welsh Corgi, Lokey, had part of his scalp torn off Saturday when at least two young pit bulls attacked him while at Oakwood Dog Park near downtown Raleigh.

Lokey is recovering at the North Carolina College of Veterinary Medicine.

A Raleigh police spokesman said in a statement Sunday that no charges have been filed and that “no other action has been taken at this point in the investigation.”

City Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin, who heads the council’s Law and Public Safety Committee, said Monday that she’s waiting for a report from animal control and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department before making any determination on whether to look at changing the city’s policies regarding dog parks.

Oh. Mary-Ann is on the case. I’m sure Baldwin will get right on looking at those policies. After all, dog incidents are her area, right? I seem to recall an incident involving her own dog, which she allowed to to pee on the NC General Assembly building as a means of ‘sending a humorous message’. Continue reading

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Stay Classy, Mary-Ann Baldwin (Updated)

Democrats and their ‘New Tone’ — Elevating the discourse to new highs and sad lows, like pets peeing on public buildings like an occupier.

Case in point, Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh Councilwoman. She decided it would ‘send a message’ to the GOP in NC if she took a picture of her dog peeing on one of the pillars at the North Carolina General Assembly and then post it on Facebook. Upon checking her Facebook page, the photo is not there anymore or at least an unfriended user can’t see it. If it was Tweeted, that’s been deleted as well. From the looks of it, the message Baldwin sent went from ‘Dog Pee’ to ‘Retreat’.

It’s alright, WBTW has it memorialized: Continue reading

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