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Video: Common Core Math ‘Strategies’ Versus An 8 YO

Parents across the country have had it with the multiple and often convoluted Common Core Math strategies being forced onto their kids. Proponents claim this is supposed to help them understand math at a ‘deeper’ level.

Are some strategies going to work for one kid but not another? Sure.

Is introducing different ways to work out a problem bad? No.

Is forcing kids to learn all the strategies and apply each of them in order to get credit instead of letting them pick the one that works best for them appropriate? Hell no and it’s confusing the kids and parents alike.

And proponents out there, YES – that is exactly what is happening. Do not try to tell me ‘it’s just a set of standards’ and no one is told how or what to teach because we both know that’s a load of crap.


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NC School District Sends Home Common Core Math Home To Parents

Here in North Carolina, parent ire over Common Core math is alive and well. Clearly, staff and school officials are hearing about it since Wake County Schools in North Carolina is apparently making an effort to teach the Common Core math strategies to parents of 2nd graders.

This speaks volumes to the developmentally inappropriate nature of Common Core math that this parent instruction set is even needed for elementary level math.

In years prior, I can attest we did not receive such instructional materials from Wake County concerning Common Core. I’ve scanned and uploaded a set of parent instructions we’ve recently received to one of my document repositories.

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