#WCPSS Updates: District won’t turn over MVP Math docs, Enrollment estimates drop, and magnet priorities

This edition of WCPSS (Wake County Public School System) updates includes an update on the controversial MVP Math program, future district enrollment estimates drop again and a question, are the board’s elite magnet schools segregating the district?

#1 – WCPSS won’t turn over documents related to MVP math

According to parents still fighting against the use of controversial MVP Math, requests for copies of the surveys related to the curriculum are not being turned over.

Blain Dillard, the parent who was sued by MVP Math, believes that the district his hiding behind an outside contractor to keep those surveys from coming out.


Quick reminder: The board changed the district policy on records requests last year.

A “special service charge” is applied if staff spend eight or more hours on fulfilling a request. That “special service charge” is made up of a $15 per hour charge for clerical time and $25 per hour for supervisory time.

In addition, the board proposed altering how student records are defined. While this proposal has not been instituted yet, note that this change would exclude documents created and maintained by outside vendors from review by parents and the public:

WCPSS - Student Records - policy


#2 – WCPSS enrollment projections drop



When it comes to enrollment projections, will the school board be turning our kids into reassignment yo-yo’s? Board member Roxie Cash seems to think so.


#3 – Are the WCPSS board’s magnet schools segregating the district?

Going by this board’s own past statements and judging by the reaction below, the answer to that question is Yes.


More new Magnet themes links here.

The board’s hypocrisy in deriding charter schools while pumping up the magnet program has not been lost on the public.

What starts with Parents changes everything.

What starts with parentsSick of your student being constantly reassigned?

Tired of the district ignoring parent concerns and parental rights?

Fed up with social justice propaganda replacing academic subjects?

Upset with the invasion of student privacy?

Tired of the board’s attacks on school choice and charters?

If you answered yes to even one of the above, consider a run for School Board. 2020 is an election year for all nine Wake County School Board seats.

The candidate filing period opens in June.

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