WRAL Tries Out Religious Smear On Lt. Governor. Response? SO WHAT.

Roy Cooper Defender Jim Goodmon has had his Capital Broadcasting minions trying to slime the Lt. Governor since last Fall in preparation for the 2020 North Carolina Governor’s race.

Last week, we saw more of the same from them, but first catch up on last Fall’s fake news from WRAL: Hypocrisy and Fake News Abound at WRAL

After last week’s attack on the Lt. Governor’s personal religious activities, WRAL is now batting 0-2 in their smear attempts on Dan Forest.

Their headline reads: Lt. Gov. Forest holds men-only Christian retreats in NC mountains.

The horror. The Lt. Governor attended a religious retreat, on his own time, with other men.

Wait, what? Or rather SO WHAT.

The slap down was swift and well-deserved.

Oh, and the NC Democratic Party’s Communications Director, Robert Howard, chimed in.

Howard deleted the tweet, but you guys… Screenshots are forever.

41218 NCDP Comms Director religious attack Forest

Howard’s tweet sparked an instant classic:

WRAL’s religiously bigoted and obvious attempt at a political hit piece is very similar to that of the recent New Yorker article characterizing a new Chick-Fil-A store in New York City as an “infiltration” of “Christian traditionalism.”

WRAL has time to concern troll the Lt. Governor over using his personal time to attend a men’s religious retreat but basically gave a pass to sexual harasser Democrat Duane Hall:

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