Contract for KEA Still Including All 5 Domains

In the March contracts update at the State Board of Education meeting, the first contract on the list is for the KEA — Kindergarten Entry Assessment.

Read about the KEA.  The KEA is captured through a program called TS GOLD, which Michelle Malkin warned parents about it data mining their toddlers. A related article for parents to read is, KEA: Big Government Comes to Kindergarten.  

Parents should also check out the additional articles and materials at the end of this article.

All of this was initially funded through Race To The Top- Early Learning Challenged funds. Future funding will fall on the state of North Carolina.  In terms of cost, the KEA pilot has already cost over half a millon dollars.

There were five domains for the KEA. Parents held a focus group with DPI last year (of which I was a part of) and objected to several of the domains which focused on subjective categories like ‘social-emotional development‘.

Parents also objected to iPads being used to capture video and images of the children as part of the evidence in completing the assessment. DPI had no answer for us at the time about opting out of the KEA or the data being collected.

As it turns out, parents CAN opt out of this photo/video data collection, however the vast majority have not been informed by their schools about this option.

DPI scaled back the implementation of all five domains,  but from the looks of it, DPI is back on track to implement all five domains at some point anyway.  But what is concerning is that the contract now mentions “writing learning progressions for eight domains”.

 Here is the March Contract:
Contract with Joseph Appleton Purpose:

To contribute to the design and development of the Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) and K- 3 Formative Assessment to its completion, with particular attention to integrated approaches within the 5 essential domains of development and learning (as defined in North Carolina’s definition of school readiness: cognition, approaches toward learning, physical well-being, and emotional/social development, language & literacy).

This will include the following tasks:
 Develop claims for science, social studies, and the arts.
 Write learning progressions for eight domains/content areas;
 Create performance descriptors for each of the building blocks within each learning progression;
 Map assessment means onto the building blocks of each progression;
 Revise all elements of the assessment as needed based on validation studies.

Contractor will provide assessment design, writing, revising, and editing services to the NC Department of Public Instruction’s Office of Early Learning K-3 Assessment Team Amendment #1: To amend to add funds and extend end dates for continuation of services and revision process based on data findings for the initial implementation pilot.

Amended sum: $70,600.00 ($30,000.00 plus $40,600.00);
Amended dates: November 8, 2013 – December 31, 2015 (November 8, 2013 – October 14, 2014)
Amendment # 2: To amend to add funds and extend dates for continuation of services. Amended sum: $85,600.00 ($70,600.00 plus $15,000.00);
Amended dates: November 8, 2013 – December 31, 2016 (November 8, 2013 – December 31, 2015)
Primary Contact: Joseph Appleton
Amount: $85,600.00 Receipts
Time Frame: 11/8/2013 to 12/31/2016
DPI Coordinator: Jody Koon,
Academic Services & Instructional Support Contract No: 10099798 (PSC) Total Approved Contracts This Fiscal Year: 1
Total Cost: $85,600.00 Receipts



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