Target Changing Room Policy Bites Them In The Ass

Via Local News 8 in Idaho:

A man who identifies as a transgender woman has been arrested after they took photos of other women inside of the changing room at Target in Ammon.

On Monday the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Ammon Target store where an adult female says a person taking pictures of her while she was inside a changing room trying on clothes. The woman noticed the person reaching over the wall of the changing room with a cell phone to take pictures. The victim confronted the subject who ran from the store.

Detectives interviewed witnesses and security footage from Target which led them to 43-year-old Sean Patrick Smith, who also identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, a transgender female. After interviewing Smith she was taken into custody by Detectives and booked into the Bonneville County Jail for one felony count of voyeurism.

Detectives are still investigating to determine if any more victims exist relating to this incident.

But this never happens, right?

Read the comments section.  Defenders are already at work:

This behavior is exceptionally rare within humanity and the trans community is no different. If this individual is truly trans and committed this crime, it has nothing to do with them being transgender.

Transgender offender or not, Target’s open changing room policies which have been in place for quite sometime and were only publicly touted this past year, have produced a string of peeping Tom’s.

2015 – MissouriOklahoma, Pennsylvania

2016 – Florida, Massachusetts, North Dakota and two in Texas, one of which involved a man exposing himself to a 9 year old boy.

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  1. Kim says:

    Why am I not surprised? We must also continue to squeeze Target financially by shopping at other stores — and quite frankly use economic muscle to hit back whenever possible. Money talks. Stop shopping at any store that supports the despicable BLM thugs, cancel your Facebook account (there IS life outside of social media), stop tithing to your illegal-resettling churches, never go to a movie featuring Matt Damon or George Clooney, etc. When are WE going to say enough is enough?!!


  2. Kathy Young says:

    Forwarded far and wide!!!! Thanx!

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