Benghazi Document Drop Shows $114 Million for #NC20 Candidate’s Company

One of the North Carolina General Assembly races this blog followed was the NC-20 House race between Tammy Covil and Holly Grange.

Covil ran a tough campaign, calling out Grange’s company, Osprey Global Solutions, and its involvement in Benghazi.

Covil cited the Special Committee on Benghazi and the discovery of emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal. Those emails showed Blumenthal going to bat for Grange’s company.  Blumenthal appears to hold a financial interest in Osprey Global Solutions as well.

The Grange campaign responded by firing off a ‘cease and desist‘ letter to the Covil campaign.

As it turns out, in a recent document dump by the House Committee on Benghazi further underscores Covil’s initial claims. Osprey Global Solutions and the very lucrative contracts it would be gaining are also mentioned throughout pages 44 to 50 of the document.

According to the “part 4” report, the “Transitional National Council [TNC]” was  “an opposition group headquartered in Benghazi hoping to emerge as the new Libyan government.”.

The report says that, “At the behest of the Secretary, the United States took the unprecedented step of formally recognizing the Transitional National Government on July 15, 2011,”.  

This allowed for substantial Libyan monies to be unfrozen. According to testimony given, the financial gain would not only be for the TNC and for the defraying of U.S operations in Benghazi.

These unfrozen funds would also benefit private companies:

Benghazi Report - Pg 47RedactedPrivate Gain

Such private companies engaging in Former Secretary Clinton’s humanitarian assistance idea  included Osprey Global Solutions, as the next section of text indicates:

“According to internal company documents, Osprey identified a 300-foot hospital vessel—including a crematorium. Osprey provided to the Libyans details about this hospital ship, even down to the number of physicians on board (16), nurses (40), custodial and kitchen staff (18). Osprey also provided hard figures on how much it would cost to procure the ship, maintain the ship, and acquire medical equipment.” (Page 46-47)

Just how much money would Osprey gain? Around $114 million:

“The total cost in the Memorandum for the first year of Osprey’s services—to include the “multi-purpose 302’ ship”—was $114 million.” (Page 49)

In a related report, the House Democrats on the Benghazi committee mistakenly released a transcript containing information on large payouts  to Blumenthal from Clinton backed groups, including Media Matters, as reported by Free Beacon:

Blumenthal, a close Clinton friend, testified that he made $200,000 a year as a consultant for David Brock’s organizations like Media Matters, Correct The Record and American Bridge. Blumenthal has been criticized for his connections with Libyan business interests while informally advising Clinton at the State Department, leading to allegations he unduly influenced her for monetary gain.

In a Facebook post, Covil responded to the “part 4” report:

Since the local media continues to ignore this scandal, I’ll throw it out there so that people in my district are informed. Everything I said about the Granges was/is true. It’s all laid out in the official Benghazi report in section III, pages 44 through 50. David Grange met with Libyan rebels (the TNC) and Hillary Clinton the day before she and Obama officially recognized them as the acting government. That declaration unencumbered Libyan assets so that Grange and his company could receive the $114 million dollars in services he was offering. In fact, they signed a memorandum
of understanding to that end. The only person he was looking to benefit in this “humanitarian effort” was himself. This meddling in foreign affairs also further destabilized an already fragile nation, which led to the unnecessary murder of four Americans. We know why the media is circling the wagons to protect Clinton, so why would they do the same for a supposed Conservative Republican? You know the answer.

NHC, your District 20 rep-elect is corrupt. Good luck with that.

To date, no media outlet in North Carolina has reported on the involvement of Grange’s husband or their company, Osprey Global Solutions as documented in the “part 4” report.

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