Grange Campaign Attempts To Silence Covil Campaign – #ncpol #ncga #nc20

The Holly Grange campaign has gone full Obama by using lawfare to silence her opponent in the NC-20 House Race, Tammy Covil.

Covil isn’t lying down but instead swings right back by putting the Cease and Desist Letter up on her site:

There is a statement with the images (see below), it’s packed with BOOM.  NC-20 would be lucky to have a fighter like Covil who doesn’t back down. Via

What does a candidate who claims one of her top priorities as your representative will be to demand accountability from state government do when someone tries to hold her accountable? She hires a fancy New York attorney and threatens legal action. Is this the type of Chicago-style politics we can expect from Holly Grange? 

The Special Committee on Benghazi and the hearings that are ongoing are government accountability. This was demanded by the people because Hillary Clinton allowed four brave American souls to be murdered in Libya. We want answers and we’re seeking justice. It is unfortunate that Grange’s company, Osprey Global Solutions, has surfaced in the committee’s investigations of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The information on is 100% factual. There are multiple credible news outlets that have reported the same information, which are sourced and linked, and the statements made by Congressman Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the Special Committee on Benghazi, are pulled verbatim from official Congressional record and linked to the government website that houses his documented letter. 

Military serious is honorable and no one, myself included, is question anyone’s service to this Country. What’s questionable are the actions of someone who has long since retired from the military and who, as a private citizen, is using high-level military connections to secure government contracts for profit.

Using previous military service as a shield to insulate yourself from criticism for shady business dealings as a private citizen is disgraceful.

Not just disgraceful, but this Cease and Desist crap flies in the face of Free Speech.
First Amendment anyone?

Also what candidate doesn’t buy up the possible domain name combinations? That’s basic Campaigning 101.  The Grange campaign’s response to being called on the carpet was to take a page from Obama’s Chicago-style political book…

Because.. SHUT UP, Grange explained.

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  1. ron smith says:

    While this report FAWNS over Megyn – here’s another where she is blaming Trump for the violence at rallies.


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