UNC Board Of Governors To AG Cooper: Do Your Job Or Pay Our Bills

This past week the UNC Board of Governors meet and discussed HB2.

The board put together a letter, blasting Attorney General Roy Cooper for not doing his job. The letter also demanded that Cooper’s office pick up the legal fees the UNC System will in incur defending itself from the Obama administration’s transgender facilities edict.

Here are some of the key stories covering this, via a Press Release from Governor McCrory’s office:

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UNC Board of Governors to Attorney General Roy Cooper: Do Your Job Or Pay Up

“We have a lawyer—he’s called the attorney general… By law he’s supposed to represent us. He’s a constitutionally independently elected office holder—he’s sure expected to do his job. It doesn’t look like that’s happening.”

– Thom Goolsby, University of North Carolina Board of Governors

June 1, 2016
Contact: The Pat McCrory Committee
Raleigh, N.C. – Criticism of Roy Cooper for refusing to defend North Carolina continues to mount as The University of North Carolina Board of Governors voted Friday to ask the attorney general’s office to pick up the system’s legal fees in its lawsuit against the Obama administration. The letter, signed by former Democrat Mayor of Asheville and Board Chairman Lou Bissette, warns that the lawsuit could lead to “unanticipated and potentially significant legal costs” since the Attorney General won’t do his job and represent the university system. Cooper has yet to offer a clear answer on if his office will comply with the Board of Governor’s request to pay its legal bills.

In Case You Missed It:

UNC Asks Roy Cooper To Pay Its Legal Bills Because He Won’t Do His Job: “Although the Attorney General ordinarily represents the University and its officials in litigation, your office has declined to provide legal representation in these matters. As you can appreciate, the University is in need of representation by legal counsel in these matters so that it may continue its operations and focus on its mission of education students and serving the people of North Carolina.” (UNC Board of Governors Letter To Roy Cooper, 5/27/2016) 

Chapelboro.com: “’I’m not picking on him,’ Bissette said of the request. ‘It’s a serious matter for us. It’s a lot of money.'” (Blake Hodge, “UNC Board of Governors Hires Legal Counsel, Asks Attorney General to Pay For It,” Chapelboro.com, 5/31/2016)

Herald-Sun: “UNC Board of Governors criticizes Attorney General Roy Cooper”(Ray Gronberg, “UNC Board of Governors criticizes Attorney General Roy Cooper,” Durham Herald-Sun, 5/27/2016)

The Washington Post: “[UNC spokeswoman Joni] Worthington also added, in an email, that the Attorney General acts as outside counsel for all state agencies including UNC unless he declines to do so… ‘I am not aware of another instance in which the Attorney General has declined to represent the University.'” (Susan Svrluga, “UNC asks the state attorney general to pay for private lawyers in fight over transgender ‘bathroom law’,” The Washington Post, 5/27/2016)

The Charlotte Observer: “Cooper has declined to defend state officials, including Gov. Pat McCrory, UNC President Margaret Spellings and the Board of Governors, in HB2 lawsuits filed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the ACLU… ‘This is a serious matter,” board Chairman Lou Bissette said. “It will be extremely expensive. If we find a way out of this lawsuit, it will be cheaper. If it continues, the sky would be the limit.’” (Lisa Sorg, “UNC board wants AG’s office to pick up House Bill 2 legal tab,” Charlotte Observer, 5/27/2016)

ABC11: “Friday, the Board sent Attorney General Roy Cooper a letter requesting that he reconsider his decision. The letter states the University system will suffer from unexpected and significant legal costs as a result of his decision. The BOG is asking Cooper to set aside money in his budget to pay the legal fees.” (Tim Pulliam, “UNC Board of Governors Requests Cooper’s Help On HB2 Legal Battle,”ABC11, 5/27/2016)

Time Warner Cable News: “The UNC Board of Governors sent a letter to Attorney General Roy Cooper, asking him to pay for all of their legal fees associated with House Bill 2. The federal government is suing Governor Pay McCrory, state lawmakers, and the UNC system, challenging the state law that requires people to use bathrooms based on their biological sex… ‘It’s a lot of money when you’re involved in lawsuits with the U.S. Justice Department,” says Board Chairman Louis Bissette.’” (Chris Williams, “UNC BOG Asking Cooper to Pay HB2 Legal Fees,” Time Warner Cable News, 5/27/2016)

WRAL: “‘This has to due with the fact that our university system has been sued, and the attorney general’s job under the law is to provide for our defense,’ said Board of Governors member Thom Goolsby, a former Republican state senator. “He’s refusing to do it, and I think that’s outrageous.'” (Cullen Browder, “UNC asks AG to pay for outside lawyers in HB2 lawsuits,” WRAL, 5/27/2016)

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