Donald Trump & Lima Beans

When I was young my Grandmother used an old world expression to get us to eat our vegetables.  She’d say “promise to eat your greens”.   I’d smile and nod because corn, broccoli, carrots, even spinach was just fine and dandy to my young palette.   All my “greens” were consumed with out fuss, or threat of sitting at the table til they were gone, or going hungry at least until I was 6 years old.

Then it all changed.   I hate Lima beans.


I first encountered the legumes after being served Mixed Vegetables for the first time that included corn, green beans, carrots, peas and a food item I’d never seen.   The only description I can use after eating one was it tasted like sand and the tactile experience was equal to munching on grit…basically dirt in a shell.  I knew my only option was to separate the little suckers from my plate, keeping them away from the other veggies.  Lucky for me, my Grandmother also disliked them, so we came to an understanding.  I would eat everything else, except for the Lima’s.  Problem solved.

To this day, when a recipe calls for the mix, I still carefully pick them out and toss them to my dog.  The ironic thing is, I never fathomed my Lima bean experience would reflect our choices of whom should lead this nation and become President.

Keeping with the herbaceous analogy…

The Republican party has been accused in the past of having a diversity problem, but that changed in 2015.   A GOP field of 17 men and women, African-American, Latino & White, old and young, Business owners, Governors & Senators and a Neurosurgeon came together to create the ultimate mixed bag of vegetables.

I even heard a new version of “promise to eat your greens” during the first GOP debate in August when the question was asked “will you pledge to support the eventual nominee no matter who it is?”  I actually smiled and nodded at my TV, the way I would at my Grandmothers dinner table, in acknowledgement that I too would support the eventual GOP Nominee.  I was confident that the right choice would be made, so it wasn’t an issue.  Problem solved.

Starting after the first debate candidates were separated, picked and tossed to the side much like my Lima bean experience.  The electorate was acting like a vegan in a produce aisle, while some of the candidates acted like the very vegetables that were being perused.


I mean seriously, tell me you don’t think of a boring piece cauliflower when Lindsey Graham speaks…but I digress.

There has never been an election cycle quite like this one, and I know I’m not alone in that thinking.  Early favorites were kicked from the table before the meal even started and the ones left were fighting to remain on the plate.  Well, all except one, and yes, he had to be my version of the Lima Bean.  As inexplicable as it is, the one candidate I didn’t like, and never believed had a chance, was soon to be the last at the table.  If someone told me this would happen back in August, I probably would have laughed in their face, and in case you haven’t figured out the analogy yet,  Donald Trump is to me the very dirt in a shell I had refused to eat years ago.

After Trump’s win in Indiana, and the suspension of the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, I realized I had two choices; Digest something I truly don’t like, or walk away from the table all together.

It was then my Grandmother’s words came back to haunt me.   Every candidate had been asked to promise support for the eventual nominee, much to their chagrin and mine, it turned out to be Trump.  I made a silent promise starring at the TV that August night, and I will keep my word.  I may not like what has been left on my plate, but I will not risk what Hillary Clinton may try to shove in front of me if she win’s.

So Mr. Trump, I will eat my greens…You will have my vote.


Problem solved.


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4 Responses to Donald Trump & Lima Beans

  1. Kauf Buch says:

    Bravo. You get it.

    Too many SO-CALLED “conservatives” – you know, the ones who said we needed to vote for McCain/Romney in 2008/2012 in the name of “unity” – suddenly think
    “Supreme Courts/SC Justices don’t matter” or
    Hillary is better (or no worse).

    Those are NOT my kind of principles.

    It’s a binary decision, because ONE of them IS going to be President:
    Trump or Hillary/[insert generic Dem, if she drops out…that, or full-Marxist with Bernie/Warren].

    Yes, America is calling on ALL OF YOU; she needs you. NOW.


  2. Jason says:

    why would you vote for someone that stands against everything you do, who you know is wicked, simply because he is slightly less wicked than the woman standing beside him? Donald Trump would actually be worse for America than Hillary Clinton because he will be able to more freely implement the big government agenda wearing a “R” hat. You know that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are really big government Republicans at heart. Clinton and Trump are big government people at heart too. But if we have Clinton, McConnell and Ryan will be expected to oppose her on every front. But here is the rub, with Trump, since he wears the “R” hat, they will being making deals left and right, just like the latter part of bushes 2nd term when we received the unfunded prescription drug benefit plan. More debt and more government. I can’t affirmatively support that.


    • Kauf Buch says:

      Your comment highlights the sort of retarded, inbred pretzel-logic
      of most #NeverTrump fools.

      Trump is as bad?

      You ARE supporting Hillary by not giving support to her opponent.

      While you may not be actively (to my knowledge) sabotaging Trump’s campaign,
      as do Kristol, Erickson, etc etc do with their venom and 3rd Part efforts,
      you nevertheless work to elect Hillary.

      In MY book, that is TREASON.


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      Jason, my decision to vote for Trump was not an easy one. Even writing this blog post was difficult for me, and caused angst. We effectively have 4 choices in this election. Vote Democrat, Vote Republican, Vote Third Party, or stay home. Let me give you some insight into me. In 92 I was less than satisfied with Bush Sr, so I voted for the Independent Third party candidate. Ross Perot offered a fresh perspective that I desperately needed. We all know how that election turned out, and it was more than apparent that the votes for Perot mostly took away from Bush instead of Clinton. In 2008, I realized that neither Republican nor Democrat would have my support or my vote. I was not the only one with this mind set. So I stayed home, ignoring even my local and state races. The Democrats swept the Senate, the House, and took my state with a majority as well. I swore that year, I would never stay home again. Fast forward to today. With the choices in front of me, I will not vote Third party. Gary Johnson was my governor for two terms. I can tell you he was a good Governor, but I disagree with many key issues he supports regarding foreign affairs, Israel, our military, marijuana, just to name a few. If I vote for him, I fear it would be a repeat of 92, and truly a hypocritical move on my part. I am a realist, which means I understand that the only path for Hilary Clinton to NOT BE elected is to vote for Donald Trump. Do not confuse that statement with me supporting him. Just like my analogy in the above article, I will do it, but I don’t have to like it.


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