NC’s Rep. Mark Walker Leads Congressional Charge Against Obama Bathroom Edict

Punch Back Twice As HardPunch Back.  Twice as hard.

The Daily Signal is reporting this morning that NC’s Rep. Mark Walker is leading the charge against the Obama administration’s Bathroom edict to schools.

The largest conservative congressional caucus is calling into question the legality of President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive for schools.

Chairman Bill Flores, R-Texas, is encouraging Republican Study Committee members to sign on to a letter, pushing the Departments of Education and Justice to detail how, and on what authority, they plan to enforce the new guidelines.


The effort is led by Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who authored the letter.

In the letter, which is addressed to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Education Secretary John King, lawmakers ask them to “explain why schools must disregard the privacy, ‘discomfort,’ and emotional strain imposed on other students during use of bathroom, showering, and changing facilities and overnight accommodations as these schools comply with this guidance.”

By Wednesday night, the letter, which will be sent Thursday, had attracted 73 signatures from GOP lawmakers. To date, it represents the most significant development from a Republican Congress that’s been reluctant to challenge Obama on the issue.

Read the letter here.

Meanwhile, where are our senators while the Democrats wage an actual war on women?

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5 Responses to NC’s Rep. Mark Walker Leads Congressional Charge Against Obama Bathroom Edict

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  2. Retired teacher says:

    How are 15-year-old girls going to feel when men or teenage boys peek over and under stalls to watch them change their sanitary pads?


  3. Kathy says:

    We are not objecting to Transgenders. We are objecting to being unable to legally keep heterosexual male sex offenders away from little girls and women using public restrooms. Why can’t the myopic liberals see that?


  4. bigalsouth says:

    I can’t believe that HB2 opponents don’t wish to recognize the (un)intended consequence of the Charlotte Ordinance: Giving legal cover to a (non-transsexual) pervert or molester who is legally allowed to remain in a woman’s restroom by lying about their gender “identification”.


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