Hey Parents, Remember the DPI Common Core Surveys?

Hey, Parents… Remember the Common Core ‘survey‘ that NC DPI put out for the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC)?

You know, the one that took HOURS to complete.

The one that was so scientific that anyone from anywhere could complete it?

The one we NEVER saw the results of?

The one which the raw data I asked for and that DPI still hasn’t handed over to me and of which DPI didn’t even present on to the ASRC?

Yeah, that one.

Well, NC DPI isn’t the only state defending Common Core by ‘zeroing out parents’  in this manner.

Take the time to read this article at TownHall. It describes almost exactly the same process NC DPI put parents through last year.  The article includes several examples, including Kentucky (first adopter of Common Core) and Louisiana.

Check this section out — nearly IDENTICAL to NC’s:

A look at instructions for Louisiana’s online review of hundreds of standards shows how parent-unfriendly big data can be. The options given for reviewers are:

1. I agree with the Standard as written. (Comments are optional.)

2. The Standard should be in a different grade level. (Grade selection is required.)

3. The Standard should be broken up into several, more specific Standards.(Suggested rewrite is required.)

4. The Standard should be rewritten. (Suggested rewrite is required.)

5. Delete this Standard. (Comments are required.)

This methodology clearly favors those in AB’s Common Core community who wish to preserve the status quo; it takes only one click to agree, and no comment is required. That lends itself to organized amen choirs. Conversely, those who think the educrats should amend or delete standards must offer extensive rewrites or commentary.

Money quote:

“I am an experienced educator and it took me two hours to comment on just one of the subject areas,” former Louisiana teacher Tiffany Guidry told The Hechinger Report for its January 18 story on the Pelican State’s review process. “They made the process so difficult that it was like you were getting penalized if you wanted to make a change to the standards.”

Well, parents in North Carolina know who to thank for this survey farce.

StuffAtkinsonSays You know who is to blame for bringing the nightmare of Common Core to our state and then defending these flawed standards like they were made of gold  — SUPT. JUNE ATKINSON.

Parents, you have CHOICES this year for Superintendent.

Anyone of these candidates would be an improvement over the the politician and long-time educrat we have now.

Of these candidates, however, only ONE has come out fighting on Common Core.  Have a look at who else is out there: A Look At The NC Superintendent Race

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