#DM7 Article: First Democrat Debate Featured Yelling, Socialism and ‘Free Stuff’

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First Democrat Debate Featured Yelling, Socialism and ‘Free Stuff’

By A.P. Dillon

This past Tuesday was the first 2016 Democrat Candidate debate. It was held on CNN and was conveniently moderated by Clinton Global Initiative member, Anderson Cooper. Clinton and Sanders had the most talking time. Gee.

To summarize the debate, there was a lot of yelling, socialism, talk of ‘free stuff‘ and more yelling.  One could easily say the big take away is that America’s Democrat party is now openly socialist.

Most of the country might not know that, however.

The ratings for the debate are being billed as the ‘highest in Democrat history’ with preliminary numbers showing that only 11% of Americans tuned in. Based on that math, this debate looks to garner around half of the viewership for the first GOP debate.

For an alleged ‘substantive debate’, education and Common Core were basically ignored. Perhaps that is because all of the Democrat candidates back Common Core and would rather Jeb Bush take that toxic heat.

There was also quite a bit of complaining about the economy, the subtext of which was a hilariously sad assault on the failed policies of Barack Obama. Moreover, a bunch of rich, old white folks up on stage tried to convince us that they know what is best for our lives and, specifically, our money.

The field was old, white and weak, which lent itself to making Hillary Clinton look appealing in the way that the last sandwich on a heavily picked over buffet might. The majority of applause points came from rhetoric that is more applicable to the 2008 election cycle than this one.

A little recap.

Sanders: Went full socialist. You never go full socialist.
I kept waiting for him to yell, ‘MIC CHECK!” before each of his responses.

Sucked up to Hillary by providing cover on her email scandal, yelling “I think the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”   Um, Bernie? According to Google, they’re not sick of it.

Every answer he gave inevitably circled back to climate change and some version of  ‘the common good’. You know who else was all about the ‘common good‘?

Hillary: ‘I’m a woman. That’s all the qualification I need.’
Favorite quote of the night: “I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone.”  Err, what?
Also, ‘nothing is my fault’ and ‘I’ll make an arch-villain out of the NRA’. Can’t wait to see her poll numbers slide, but that will be due to the vast right-wing conspiracy.
She’ll likely be sending Anderson Cooper a fruit basket for letting her get out of answering some of the questions posed to her.  Bernie will get a basket too.

O’Malley: Hulk smash.
Highlights included ‘Baltimore was awesome when I was there’ and NRA is eeeeeevil!  Except when he gets cash from them.

Chaffee: Opening, middle and closing were all awkward as you can get. I imagined Chaffee asking himself, ‘Alright, whose arm is up my backside making my mouth move?’
Key bits out of Chaffee included, “I have no scandals” and I have no idea why I voted the way I did.  Also, he hasn’t changed on any issues, but party hopped anyway. What a hot mess.

Webb: The only one to say ‘All Lives Matter‘ and the only candidate who came across as reasonably rational on most issues. Also the only candidate to nail the ‘biggest current threat’ question by including cyber attacks. This of course means that you can hit Twitter to see the liberal feeding frenzy taking place on his political corpse.

Winner: Socialism.
Loser: The American People.

To round out the night, a response to Debbie Wasserman Schultz:


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