Mother of Jonathan Ferrell: AG Roy Cooper Doesn’t Care About My Son [VIDEO]

Last week, the trial of Officer Randall Kerrick involving the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell ended.

A mistrial was declared and NC Attorney General Roy Cooper announced there would be no re-trial.

That decision set off Moral Monday’s Reverend Barber.

From the article embedded in SisterToldjah’s tweet:

“The loss of human life and the heartbreak of a family require a more just and wise response from our elected leaders,” Barber said in a statement released late Monday. “To say that a hung jury has spoken is simply wrong and Attorney General ought to know and do better.”

In announcing it’s decision not to retry Kerrick, who shot Ferrell 10 times during a late-night encounter, Coopers office said state prosecutors did not believe they could win a conviction.

Barber called that reasoning “callous,” “arrogant,” and “deeply disappointing.”

Barber is joined by Ferrell’s mother, stating ‘Cooper does not care about my son’.

WBTV reported:

Roy Cooper is running for Governor of North Carolina.

Cooper’s campaign site touts the slogan, “Moving North Carolina Forward. Keeping North Carolina Safe”.


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