ZOMG! #SB480 Is Eeeeevil!

WALK IN ORGANIZE 2020I’ve written many times before about the rising levels of politicking going on in our public schools. I’ve witnessed it first-hand when my son brought home a protest flier in his homework folder.

SB 480 seeks to end such politicking in our schools and bring education officials and teachers into alignment with the laws other state employees already have to follow.

Well, this has upset many people. I’ve already deconstructed one op-ed which ran over at the education PR firm, EducationNC.  Well, here comes another one.

The imagined example of SB 480 in action is in a blog post ‘Women Advance’ written by Melissa Geil; It is pure fiction with the intent of stirring up hysteria.

The title is, ‘NC Bill Could Send Teachers to Jail For Wearing a Red Shirt.

Here’s the opening of the article, where the article’s title is literally derived from.

Your child sits in their high school 10th grade Civics and Economics class. The teacher, dressed in a red shirt, is teaching North Carolina state learning competency goal #4: “the learner will explore active roles as a citizen at the local, state, and national levels of government.”

The door opens, and two police officers enter. They place the teacher under arrest.

The crime? Violation of a law, SB 480, currently under consideration by the North Carolina General Assembly. The teacher was wearing a red shirt in honor of “Wear Red 4 Ed.”

Lawmakers are considering this law, which would effectively serve as a “gag rule” during work hours for teachers, superintendents, and principals, and would forbid them from “engaging in political activity… while on duty.” Violation “shall be a Class 1 Misdemeanor.”


Wait-whatI have a low tolerance for BS as it is, but this is a pile of weapons grade stupid — and I am not talking about the bill.

I’m talking about the use of ridiculous hyperbole to hide the massive logic fail on the part of the author.

SB 480 is very specific in its language. Simply wearing red isn’t going to cut it and Geil knows it.  This is just an inflammatory lede to get as many eyes on her article as possible because… outrage! Free Speech!  ZOMG! SB 480 is eeeeeeeevil! Rabble.. rabble…

Let’s look at being arrested for ‘wearing red’ through the hypocrisy lens. How about all the kids sent home for violating dress codes? Is this suppressing their free speech?

The article continues; emphasis is mine:

In theory, the law makes sense. You want the employees of the local school boards to be doing the work that they are paid to do; you do not want them doing other jobs while they are supposed to be teaching. But this law isn’t making it a crime for someone to teach and simultaneously promote their lawn care business (which we also don’t want). The law makes it a crime when that “other activity” is political.

Well, DUH? 


Let me ask a few questions of Ms. Geil.

Are laws just for the little people, Ms. Geil?

Are educators and education officials somehow a special class of citizen or elite class of state employee?

Do you suppose all parents are just fine with a teacher promoting their political views in the classroom?

Do you believe it is ok to be using the taxpayer dime to conduct political related activities on campus and do so using taxpayer funded resources?


About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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3 Responses to ZOMG! #SB480 Is Eeeeevil!

  1. Kirk D. Smith says:

    When our 11 year old grand daughter mentioned the anti-Christian atmosphere at her public school, last week she boldly wore her AWANA team t-shirt that had a biblical quote on the back. No word or letter has yet been received by her parents. This retired paratrooper is extremely proud of her boldness.

    On another note, the red t-shirt fits in with the tenth Marxist plank “free public education” of course run by the statist minders.


  2. JC says:

    Privatize the educational system. Capitalism made the United States one of the richest most successful nations in history. Why not apply those free market principles to our children’s education? Who would you rather have teach your kid? A privatized teacher whose pay is based on performance or a state bureaucratic teacher whose pay isn’t based on performance? When was the last time you heard of a teacher in the public school system being fired for poor performance? Our kids deserve better than this political BS in our schools.


  3. mark says:

    What you fail to see here is in Geil’s mind wearing red in support of this bill is offensive political speech, and the person should be arrested for participating in supporting this bill. While on the other hand anti-gun, anti-christian, and pro-choice speech in her mind is open game and should not be limited, because this would limit her agenda. Where do you think low information voters come from. They are not born that way they are created.

    Bottom line is this Bill threatens the progressive liberal agenda, because if you wait until people are adults it is too late to indoctrinate them. It has to be done before people have real world experience and reality to compare it to.

    Ironically, if this bill passed it will be the liberal progressives who will seek the first charges, and most likely it will be for something as innocent as wearing a red shirt in support of a bill they do not like, or something similarly non-important. With the right activist judge they might even get a conviction, at least initially.

    This is an ideological battle that must be won or all will be lost.


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