Student ‘Health Assessment’ Helps ‘Track the Fat Kids’. Bonus: US is a Democracy?

I’ve warned people for a while now about HB 13 (Amend School Health Assessment Requirement) and the ramifications of the parental ‘consent’ signature block on the health form that the bill references.

Parents have been signing away the confidentiality between their child’s doctor to allow DHHS and DPI to contact the provider directly.  Here’s the signature block:

“Parental Consent: I agree to allow my child’s health care provider and school personnel to discuss information on this form and allow the Department of Health and Human Services to collect and analyze information from this form to better understand health needs of children in NC. Signature: _________________ Date:_________”

Now we’re seeing this health assessment form in action.

Lindalyn Kakadelis of the John Locke Foundation has also been reporting on this health assessment. In her latest report, she find that this form is coordinating efforts to track kids based on their BMI data.

Excerpt from Invasive Health Assessment Takes “Next Step”:

Earlier this month, I wrote on the invasive health assessment form used for 5 year old kindergarten students. Last week the New Hanover School Board got a presentation from the County Manager’s Office, showing HOW this information can be used. Remember, these forms are NOT “voluntary,” but required for enrollment. Seems the county complied the “data” and now wants schools to spend time working on obesity issues.

In fact, their “data collection” includes: (see slide #3)

  • − Demographic information
  • − Parental attitudinal / perceptual information
  • − Insurance status, where child obtains regular health care
  • − Developmental screening information
  • − Height, weight, BMI, weight status, BP and BP status
  • − Calculated BMI and BMI status

THINK DATA COLLECTION IS CONFIDENTIAL – THINK AGAIN! Seems the County’s office took all the Kindergarten Health Assessment forms and can even tell where the “fat” kids go to school. There are maps! The county also proposed a PLAN for the system to continue monitoring the BMI (Body Mass Index) of students, and mandate staff time to “community working groups.”

You’re reading that right. In a nutshell, this data is being used to track the ‘fat kids’.

This is a way for DHHS and DPI to get more ‘Big Daddy Fed’ money to do more studies, have more interventions and continue to pile on programs that are not directed at actual academic instruction.

And we wonder why our kids are failing at basic courses like History and Civics?

Even our ‘education officials’ can’t get those basics right. Just look at this article at WRAL today; emphasis added is mine:

Only about a quarter of eighth graders showed solid performance or better in U.S. history, civics and geography on tests known as the Nation’s Report Card.

The 2014 results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress released Wednesday were similar to those four years ago when the assessments were last administered. Students did better overall in U.S. history and civics than their peers in the 1990s when the tests were first given, but geography scores have remained stagnant since 1994.

Among the findings: Less than half — 45 percent — of eighth-grade respondents were able to correctly interpret time differences using an atlas with time zones. Only about a third knew that “the government of the United States should be a democracy” is a political belief shared by most people in the U.S.

Michelle Herczog, president of the National Council for the Social Studies, said the results “point to a need for immediate action.” Tackling issues like terrorism, human rights, race relations and poverty require a deep understanding of the historical and geographic context, she said.

Wait, what? 

Wait-whatThe U.S. is a Constitutional Republic!

What evidence is there that the U.S. should be a Democracy and is a political belief shared by most people in the U.S?

The article of course does not supply any evidence backing that up.

Having said that, if true, that means our education system has failed generations of citizens.

Issues like “terrorism, human rights, race relations and poverty” are part of learning about History, but when the BASIC FACT that our nation is a Constitutional Republic isn’t acknowledged, the rest of those topics are also skewed.

Michelle Herczog, president of the National Council for the Social Studies, needs a lesson just as much as our kids do!

Some fun facts about the National Council for the Social Studies:

  • They are furiously aligning their material to the Common Core via the “C-3 Framework“.
  • They host annual conferences. In 2013, their list of topics and speakers was appalling and included extremely biased sessions, one of which was taught by an Occupy Wall Street sympathizing high school teacher.

Once you account for this activity with the C-3 Framework that is going on in our K-12 social studies, it is hard to argue that the new APUSH framework is anything but an attempt to reshape what our kids learn about our own country and history in general.

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