Hillary Clinton’s Positions on Education in 2008 vs 2015 (video)

Clinton CoreIn case you missed it — Hillary Clinton came out defending the Common Core while on the campaign trail last week.

Clinton was attempting to ‘listen to average Iowans’.

Maybe she should listen to herself… from 2008.

Instapundit might be interested what Clinton says about ‘affordable college’ in the following clip.

 “Hillary Clinton – Improving Education”

Direct quotes from the 2008 video:

“lets have universal Pre-Kindergarten so that 4 year-olds have a chance to get ready for school…”

“I want to end the unfunded mandate known as No Child Left Behind”

“I personally don’t think we should have one-size-fits-all”

“I don’t want to turn our children into little test takers and our teachers into big test givers”

Universal Pre-K has no science behind it and in fact, the research out there says it might actually be hindering a child’s later advancement. The reality of universal Pre-K is to create another tax payer funded entitlement wherein the government can track your child via the data.

So she wanted to get rid of No Child Left Behind? She voted for it with one hand and with the other hand, pilloried it in an almost identical way Common Core is described today:

“You all know what’s happening with No Child Left Behind; the test is becoming the curriculum, when it should be the other way around. And the curriculum is being narrowed. I hear story after story about music, and art, or physical education, or field trips being cut out of the school day to make more time for drilling and routine work to prepare for the test. I don’t know about you but I remember those field trips. I learned a lot on things that took me out of the classroom with my teacher’s guidance and gave me a view of a wider world. How much learning is exactly going on? Our children are getting good at filling in those little bubbles, but how much creativity is being left behind? How much passion for learning is being left behind? And what about those children who we know are bright and successful in the classroom but simply don’t perform well on tests? And we know these children; I know these children. They have tremendous talents, maybe musical or artistic talents. They’re made to feel like failures because the curriculum doesn’t reward what it is they are good at.”
– Hillary Clinton, NEA June-July 2007 Annual Meeting

Common Core is basically No Child Left Behind on steroids and is one-size-fits-all.

Common Core comes tied to nationally funded high-stakes testing.

Clinton seems to have done a total flip-flop from her campaign positions in 2008.

Hillary Clinton’s 2015 education reality:

  • Voted for No Child Left Behind
  • Supports and is currently defending the one-size-fits-all Common Core
  • Supports data driven education
  • Supports High-stakes testing by supporting Common Core
  • She is anti-school choice; opposes vouchers

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    Hillary with Marc Tucker are the reason why we have NCLB and Race To The Top.


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