Parents, Have You Read #SB346?

NCGAEarlier today, I wrote about the proposed changes to required Health Assessments for students in North Carolina.  This article is related — it is about SB 346 (Enact Stricter Immunization Requirements). This bill has worrisome changes to current statutes regarding vaccinations for students in North Carolina.

I did a cursory article on this bill at IJ Review, but it would appear the changes to the current statute language has presented deeper problems.

The Senator proposing the changes, Jeff Tarte, has now come under fire for attempting to remove the ability of parents to claim religious exemption. The intent appears to be to make certain vaccinations mandatory for all students — public, homeschool and private?

Watch the embedded video below as Tarte is confronted about SB 346 by a citizen journalist. Keep watching and hear what Senator Barefoot says about the intent of this bill.

There is more video of Sen. Tarte and Sen. Barringer interacting with citizens opposed to this bill.

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