Overwhelming Public Pushback Kills Vaccinations Bill – #HB346

Overwhelming public outcry over the removal of religious exemptions in HB 346 has produced results. The other major complaint was that the bill’s language was vague, paving a path for forced inclusion of homeschooled children.

So…The bill is dead.   GOOD.

USA TODAY; emphasis added:

A bill that would have ended religious exemptions for vaccinations “went too far,” one of the bill’s sponsors said Wednesday.

I expected to get pushback, and I expected this bill to change, unfortunately the pushback was so great that I lost control of it,” Sen. Terry Van Duyn, D-Buncombe, said Wednesday.

Van Duyn, Sen. Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg and Sen.Tamara Barringer, R-Wake, who sponsored the bill, released a joint statement Wednesday saying the bill is “dead.”

“After hearing serious concerns about stricter vaccine and immunization requirements from our constituents and from citizens across the state, we have decided we will not move forward with Senate Bill 346,” the statement read.

Citizens across the state flooded Senators Tarte, Barringer and Van Duyn with complaints, calls and confronted them in person on multiple occasions. One such confrontation results in Sen. Tarte having a citizen removed from the legislature building:

This blog ran two articles on HB 346, both of which registered view hits in the thousands:

I also ran a story about this bill at IJ Review.


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