Common Core Supporters Come Full Circle on ‘Politicizing’ Talking Point

And the common core supporters have come full circle​ with their “politicizing” talking point.

“People are receiving bad information,” said Blair Mann, a spokeswoman for the Collaborative for Student Success, a pro-Common Core group that is funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which donated hundreds of millions of dollars to develop the new standards. “There are a million different Web sites that you can go to that have the ‘truth’ about the Common Core that are just perpetuating these myths.”

– Washington Post, Poll: Widespread misperceptions about the Common Core standards​

Who were these people that were polled? Clearly not those engaged daily in the fight.

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1 Response to Common Core Supporters Come Full Circle on ‘Politicizing’ Talking Point

  1. brackenkaren says:

    There is only one solution to our education problem. Get rid of the US Department of Education. Ever since the federal government got involved in education we have spent more money than ever in the history of American education with a steep decline in results. GEE could this be their real objective? Dumb down the American people to such a level they no longer have an individual thought or ambition but to do what the federal government tells them they can do? I believe this is exactly what is happening. They don’t want free thinking individuals they want human capital for the global economy to keep the corporation owners as the elite ruling class. We are seeing the destruction of the middle class and we are returning to the very thing our founding fathers ran away from and died for. To destroy tyranny. To destroy the elite ruling class. We don’t need choice, we don’t need legislation. We need to get back to education pre-1965. A time when we educated the greatest minds in the history of the world. SHUT down the US DEPARTMENT of Education before there is no chance of saving our country.


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