Facebook Page: ‘Teach Stupid People About Common Core’

Satire page or created by a real Common Core supporter channeling Jonathan Gruber?

Parents For Common Core Facebook page description:

“Common Core gets a bad rap from parents that are too dumb to understand it. We will try and teach these stupid people that this is right for their kids.”

Oh, so calling parents concerned about their kids stupid is going to change their mind about Common Core? Let us know how that strategy is working out for you, will you?

By the way, it’s not “try and teach”, it’s try TO teach.  ELA fail there, my friend.

Grandad Learns About CC MemeIs this page taking notes from that hot mess of a video mocking a veteran grandpa? If it’s not a satire page, then one has to ask that question; same theme but on steroids.

In case you missed Grandpa, here’s the story and video clip.


The Parents For Common Core Page equates homeschoolers with a serial killer is going to be just that thing to bring parents around to the wonders of this fundamentally flawed experiment, right?

Let’s help the Parents For Common Core Facebook page. They tried to hard to make a meme, but they’re doing it wrong. This is how you do it.

Also, the fail is so, so strong in the one below. We have done our research, hence the opposition? DERP.

UPDATE: A related must read — “Me stupid parent. Me family live in cave. Me need Common Core save us. Unga bunga! Hahahahahahahaha!”

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