Wake Cty Middle Assignment Asks, “Columbus Day or Genocide Day?”

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A concerned citizen brought me a lesson from a 7th grade middle school class recently. It was a lesson on Columbus Day and whether or not it should really be called “Genocide Day” and it was presented to a 7th grade class at Wake Forest Middle School.

I contacted the Principal of Wake Forest Middle School who said they would look into it. As of this morning, I received no reply. I asked the following questions

  • Do you think this assignment is appropriate for a 7th grader?
  • Do you think it is appropriate to represent a major historical event using an arguably slanted and inaccurate modern concept of social justice?
  • Is this approved curriculum?
  • I was informed the kids are not allowed to take home their worksheets, if true, why?

The worksheet handed out called the discovery of North America by Columbus and what we subsequently call Columbus Day, “controversial”. The background information given on Columbus Day was short and arguably slanted by applying hindsight to an era of discovery and conquest. Read it for yourself:

What I want to know is how exactly to you apply a modern concept of genocide to an era of exploration, conquest and discovery with a straight face?

There is nothing wrong with recognizing the population that was here when Columbus arrived, however that has little to do with the historical significance of the discovery; one that led to the colonization of the continent and the country we have today. Ironically, the vast majority of those who protest the name ‘Columbus Day’  would not be here without said discovery.

Did you notice the second part of the assignment in the document above? The one where it has a music aspect called “Flocabulary”?  The name of the musical portion is “Discovering America”.  I personally found it horrifying. Had this been used in my own child’s class, I would have objected and filed a formal complaint post-haste.

Here is a little snippet of the lyrics that compares a modern Jeep vehicle that bears an Indian tribe name to one called a Jeep Jew:

There were five tribes
white guys called civilized,
because of the way their government
was organized:
Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw,
Seminole, and Creek.
Isn’t cheap? They call my Jeep a
Jeep Cherokee?
What if they called my Jeep a Jeep Jew?
Imagine the outrage.
What would you do?

Wow, I just discovered America.
You didn’t discover it.We were already here.
Wow, I just discovered America.
You ain’t discovered nothing.
We was already here.

To listen to it on the Flocabulary site, you need to sign up for a free trial. Gee – No Thank you.  To hear this song in action, I found a classroom in Wisconsin who has the audio clip.

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 UPDATE: Your college dollars… at F*ck Columbus Day.

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4 Responses to Wake Cty Middle Assignment Asks, “Columbus Day or Genocide Day?”

  1. Renee27 says:

    Thanks for letting us know of this assignment and the atrocity it is! Why do teachers want to apply our present circumstance’s to the past? I don’t get it. All we can do is learn from the past, but as we can see in our world today, we aren’t listening or learning from the past, that is very clear as we idly sit by and watch innocents die on a daily basis at the hands of thugs. What the correct solution is, I’m not sure, but I know to sit by and do nothing, is not the solution as well.


  2. Frank Malone says:

    Donald Trump is that you…… really still talking about the president being from another country. I guess the only people that should be president are people with your same beliefs. We all came from Africa and the sooner we all understand that the better off we the people will be,.


  3. Gertrude says:

    This is part of the “CHANGE” Barry Soetero (BHO) used as his theme when running for the top office of our Land….even though he never proved he was born in the USA. I blame Chief Justice Roberts (whose responsibility is to make sure any applicant for the presidency has to be legitimate)…tell me how did he or why did he administer the “oath of office” to this Kenyan…who had a “foreign student” VALID VISA….with his picture and true name on it. We have all seen it as it was passed around the USA several times…………..but no one “followed thru on this outright illegal immigrant to run for the USA PRESIDENCY!!! Everyone in Congress knows that he is illegal….but it seems that no one has the backbone to stand up and demand that he be removed from the Oval Office forever. Every law that he has signed….should be declared “NULL and VOID”………no wonder other countries in the world think Americans are stupid. THAT IS TRUE FOR EVERY AMERICAN WHO VOTED FOR THIS PHONY!!!


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