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Today’s Article: Coalition Supports Common Core

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) With the Common Core taking a hit during an education-heavy campaign season, a coalition supporting the learning standards has released an analysis that concludes repealing them would be a costly mistake.

The High Achievement New York coalition includes several chambers of commerce and community groups around the state.”


So who is High Achievement NY Coalition?

Basically multiple local chambers of commerce peppered with the usual Gates funded suspects like America Achieves, Council For A Strong America and Center for American Progress.

High Achievement NY is a mirror image of the “Hire Standards” coalition set up by the NC Chamber of Commerce.


Why We Keep An Eye On The Chambers Of Commerce Core

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is heavily vested in promoting and pushing Common Core. As push back has grown, Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan has been pushing the US Chamber to apply more pressure. State and regional Chambers have followed this lead, blanketing papers with op-eds, running television ads and billboards. In North Carolina, the NC Chamber of Commerce has been documented as a clear supporter of Common Core and have created a special education initiative called “Hire Standards” to push Common Core.

How big and hard is the NC Chamber pushing Common Core? Public Schools Forum NC board member and former NC Legislator, Gene Arnold, said outright on local television show, NCSPIN, that the Chamber would choke off campaign contributions to candidates who did not support the Common Core. Direct quote:

“The big stick the business people are using is the threat with campaign contributions could slow down.” – Gene Arnold, NCSPIN 5/15/14 (video)


Read about the US Chamber of Commerce:

Read about the Chamber in North Carolina:

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  1. Bloggers need to link up on these issues in order to see where we are headed and how we are being destroyed: Common Core + illegal immigration + Chamber of Commerce + Muslim Brotherhood + Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) + United Nations = Global Caliphate, an Ummah ruled by Shariah/Islamic law


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