Where In NC Is Clay Aiken?

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Well, Bill Maher knows where Aiken is on his lack of campaigning with Obama, but where in NC is Clay Aiken?  Literally, where in NC does Aiken actually live?

Take a walk through time with me?

November 2009
Aiken forced to remove himself from Wake County voter rolls. He was registered to vote at his mom’s address in Chatham county. (Related – ABC 11 – 2009)

March 2010 Through November 2012
Aiken registered to vote in Durham in March 2010. He then used that Durham address to vote through 2012, yet his mailing address was in Los Angeles, California. (See Image One)
Did he vote in both places?

March Through August 2010
Aiken has 3 political contributions listed in 2010. His address on these contributions is in California. (Source – OpenSecrets.org, as of 9/26/14) (See Image Two)

November 2013
Aiken has his North Carolina voter registration card mailed to his Los Angeles, California address. (See Image Three)

January 2014
Aiken registers his campaign committee for Congress using a P.O. box in Cary, North Carolina. (Source – FEC) (See Image Four)

March 2014
Aiken registers to vote in Chatham County, March 19, 2014. The address is 804 Water Hickory Drive, Cary, NC. (Source – Nexis) (See Image Five)

Three important things to note about this Mary 2014 activity:

1. Aiken does not own the house at Water Hickory Drive. (See Image Six)
2. Aiken lists the mailing address for his voter registration as: 8608 Langtree Ln. In Raleigh, North Carolina. (Nexis.com Public Records Search, Accessed 9/22/14) 
3. This Address Does Not Fall Within The Boundaries Of The Second Congressional District.



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  1. Philip Law says:

    You can run for a different district that you live in as long as you live in the state. Probably are not going to do well but you can do it. Glad he did not win. That would of been a bad stain on NC.


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