About That Busload of Alleged Illegal Immigrants In NC

A video is making the rounds of a busload of alleged illegal immigrants being dropped off in a Wal-Mart parking lot to go shopping right here in North Carolina.

The video was originally posted by Sylvia Locklear on Facebook. Allegedly, this took place this past Sunday afternoon, none spoke English and, according to Locklear, they had EBT cards in hand to pay for their purchases. This video, according to the Facebook comments, took place off exit 60 in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

As it turns out, Locklear reports that apparently that busload of folks are farm workers who have Green cards to work in China Grove:

Sylvia AndMike Locklear   We researched it and these are government granted green card workers on a farm in China Grove. Are supposed to be leave at the end of harvest

July 14 at 6:59pm

One still has to wonder why they are being bused places on a school bus and what about the supposed EBT cards they were using to pay for their purchases?

Here’s the original video:


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8 Responses to About That Busload of Alleged Illegal Immigrants In NC

  1. dragonladytoo says:

    Americans don’t work in the fields because the government extorts money, at gun point, from those of us who work to give to those who don’t. Fact is, being paid not to work is more profitable than picking in the fields. So that fact and the murder of over 50 million American babies since Roe v. Wade, we need to import those who don’t murder their babies and who don’t get paid not to work. Got it?


  2. J Elkins says:

    The cards they use are employer paid debit cards. That is how someone gets paid who does not have a bank account.


  3. ( that was for Marbel)


  4. I think I can clear up some of these questions:

    1 – The Farm that has Contracted these Migrant Workers(H-2A Workers) is ‘Patterson Farms’ from China Grove. Patterson OWNS the old school bus (hence no county school system markings on it).

    2 – I imagine that Patterson uses the bus for various duties such as getting the group of workers to & from the fields during harvest season. From what I understand, now is starting the height of tomato harvest season.

    3 – On the EBT cards, that question I can’t answer at the moment. I still have my “Investigative Journalist” cap on.

    Some links that your readers MIGHT want to reference:


    Fairly decent little 6 minute video here at this link.


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