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On Saturday,  June 7th I contacted Doug Ross with information that I had found regarding Robert Bergdahl and one of his connections on Google+;  one was an individual who was a self-proclaimed Al Qaeda member.  Doug ran the story titled, ‘WELL, THIS IS INTERESTING: Looks Like Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Was in Contact With Al Qaeda“. Read it first before moving on.

I did a follow-up article on June 8th titled, Robert Bergdahl: In his Circles, which explained  the reasons why I went digging in the first place into Robert Bergdahl’s social media accounts. The article,  however, did not go into detail on who Anissa Bint Youssef Ibn Yusuf Zaid really is, who she says she is, and what other related information I had found including aliases.

She is known as Anissa Bint Youssef Ibn Yusuf Zaid.

She appears to also be known as Carolina Susana Diaz of Ciudad de Cordoba Argentina.

Also known as Anissa Bint Youssef.

All the above links have had screen shots taken of them.  Anissa took down her videos off her Google account after the first story was published. It is worth noting, that story on our site has received hits from Argentina. Please note, to date, I have not located a picture of Anissa bint Youssef Ibn Yusuf Zaid, Carolina Susana Diaz or Anissa bint Youssef to prove if she is the same person.

I started to look into something Anissa placed on both on Google and the library in Erdu accounts:

I am the wife of Abu Dajjana, known in the Jihad in Pakistan for his integrity, his firmness, his conviction, his service to Allah (SWT), feared by the kuffar, loved by his family and friends.

Who is Abu Dajjana?
It may be possibly one of a couple of individuals I located.  In her Google plus account,  she speaks of the fighting in Syria.  There was a video that came to light regarding an American fighting with the Jihad that went by the same name of Abu Dajjana.  Screen capture:

abu dujanni 4


Another possibility is that it is of an individual who is Pakistan was responsible for a suicide bombing that killed 7 CIA agents.  CIA camp attack information  here and more here. Anissa has video of this man on her Muslim Facebook . Screen capture:

abu jujjani1 cropsmThe video is titled, “mujahid-martyr-abu-dujana-interview-5-of-5-english”. Here is the video link.  Another video Anissa had, Osama Bin Laden is featured and is titled “abu-dujana-khurasani-urdu-interview-1″. Here is the link.

I have taken screen shots of the full five videos of Abu Dujana.   Here is another page with the spelling of Dujjana, which is the same spelling in seen in some of Anissa’s information gathered so far. It is titled, “A Message of the Knight of Martyrdom Operator Abu Dujjana Al Khurasani [Bangla].   There is a Facebook Page dedicated to this man.

Related: Abu Dujana AKA Hamman Khalil Abu Mallal al-Balawi (wiki info)

Who is the man she is claiming to be her husband?  What information does this woman have that may be of importance?  Is Abu Dujana the same one from Pakistan?   According to the news he did have a wife and her name is Defne Bayrak.  She was interviewed by news outlets and authorities on the matter:

Soft-spoken and composed, but unmistakably angry, the wife of the suicide bomber who killed himself and seven employees of the CIA in Afghanistan on Dec. 30 says flatly, “My husband was anti-American; so am I.” About that, there are no regrets. In an exclusive interview Thursday, Defne Bayrak, 31, spent more than an hour at the offices of NEWSWEEK Türkiye in Istanbul talking about her husband, Dr. Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi; his beliefs; what he may have been offered by the CIA to work as a double agent on the trail of Al Qaeda’s top leadership; and what she heard from those apostles of jihad who ultimately inspired him to kill and die.


 More questions, and fewer answers about the Bergdahl swap it would seem.


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