NC Common Core Action Alert: Support HB 1061

Common Core Fighters –

On Tuesday June 3rd, the NC General Assembly’s House Education Committee will be considering HB 1061 – Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs. The meeting will be at 10 am, room 643 of the Legislative Office Building.


Email each Representative BEFORE JUNE 3rd and ask them to support HB 1061 – Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs. Below the sample letter is a list of the email contacts for the House Education Committee.

Sample Suggestion Letter:


Dear Representative _________,

I am a concerned citizen and I am writing to you today to urge you to support HB 1061 – Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs.

This bill will serve to replace the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core State Standards. The Common Core is an age and developmentally inappropriate set of standards which lack rigor and are unproven and untested. 

Contrary to the Fordham Institute’s grading report, North Carolina did not have worse standards than Common Core. The Fordham Grading report is a sham. This Grading report has been called into question in multiple states, yet continues to be referenced as proof we need Common Core. It’s worth noting that Fordham Grading report was requested and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who has pushed hundreds of millions into promoting Common Core.

The Common Core is copyrighted by two D.C. trade organizations. This copyright dictates NC cannot alter the standards, must adhere to them 100% and may only add up to 15% in new content. That new content will not be tested on.

Common Core Standards are not higher standards, they are experimental standards that are not under NC’s control and will cost the state taxpayers an estimated $641.9 million to keep and maintain them over the next 5 years. 

Bottom line: We need appropriate and vetted NC State Standards. Our children deserve standards crafted in our state, are under the control of our state and that make sense for NC schools.

Become a champion for real education and for North Carolina’s children. Please support HB 1061 – Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs and help NC free itself from the increasing outside control that Common Core exerts on our state and our children.

 Contact information:

Name District Party EMAIL
Adams, Alma 58 D
Arp, Dean 69 R
Bell, Larry 21 D
Brandon, Marcus 60 D
Brown, Brian 9 R
Bryan, Rob 88 R
Bumgardner, Dana 109 R
Carney, Becky 102 D
Cleveland, George 14 R
Collins, Jeff 25 R
Cotham, Tricia 80 D
Daughtry, Leo 26 R
Dixon, Jimmy 4 R
Dobson, Josh 85 R
Elmore, Jeffrey 94 R
Fisher, Susan 114 D
Gill, Rosa 33 D
Glazier, Rick 44 R
Graham, Charles 47 D
Graham, George 12 D
Hall, Larry 29 D
Hardister, Jon 59 R
Horn, Craig 68 R
Iler, Frank 17 R
Jeter, Charles 92 R
Johnson, Linda (Chair) 83 D
Jones, Bert 65 R
Jordan, Jonathan 93 R
Lambeth, Donny 75 R
Langdon, James (Chair) 28 R
Lucas, Marvin 42 D
Luebke, Paul 30 D
Malone, Chris 35 R
Martin, Grier 34 D
Martin, Susan 8 R
Meyer, Graig 50 D
Michaux, Henry 31 D
Pittman, Larry 82 R
Presnell, Michele 118 R
Riddell, Dennis 64 R
Saine, Jason 97 R
Schaffer, Jacqueline 105 R
Shepard, Phil 15 R
Speciale, Michael 3 R
Stam, Skip 37 R
Tine, Paul 6 D
Tolson, Joe 23 D
Torbett, John 108 R
Turner, Rena 84 R
Warren, Harry 77 R
Whitmire, Chris 113 R
Wilkins, W.A. 2 D
Younts, Roger 80 R


About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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