OH NOES! Defacto Leader of the NC Dems Missed A Meal!

I almost hurt my eyes due to rolling them so hard (email in the second half of the article). Reverend Barber missed a meal apparently and it’s all McCrory’s fault… or something. Barber claims he wants to engage in discussion? Let’s look at what that really means:


May 15, 2014

Contact: Sarah Bufkin, NC NAACP – smbufkin@gmail.com or 404.285.3413

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the North Carolina NAACP, Did Not Decline His Invitation to Meet at Today’s Luncheon 


The NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement Still Seek a Serious Public Policy Discussion with Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly Leadership

DURHAM, NC – Gov. Pat McCrory and his staff are spreading false information about the invitation to a clergy luncheon that they approached Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the North Carolina NAACP, with last week. Dr. Barber did not decline to meet with Gov. McCrory and has in fact been asking for a serious meeting to discuss public policy with other members of the clergy in the Forward Together Moral Movement for weeks.


Dr. Barber offers the following statement in response to the reports now being pushed by the Governor’s office:


“Several weeks ago, the NC NAACP requested a meeting with Gov. McCrory, Speaker Tillis and others before the Short Session opened. We proposed bringing representatives from most of the denominations and faiths across the state who have joined the Moral MondayMovement to discuss our positions on the policies passed last year that are injuring hundreds of thousands of our neighbors. Last week someone from the Governor’s office called to ask me whether I could attend a possible luncheon he was planning. I said it might be possible if I could bring other clergy leaders from the Forward Together Movement with me. I was told the governor decided his own list.  I was also told the luncheon may or may not occur. I have not heard anything from his office since.


I now learn a luncheon apparently took place and that the Governor’s office has apparently said I declined his invitation. The NC NAACP and our allies in the Forward Together Moral Movement are serious about wanting to meet with the Governor. Setting up a serious meeting to discuss policy is not a game. A representative cross-section of faith leaders are more than willing to engage in serious policy discussion with the Governor.”


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