Sen. Tillman Calls Out N&O’s Common Core ‘Liberal Fluff’

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I applaud the efforts by the NC General Assembly’s Common Core Legislative Research Committee. They are righting a wrong in stopping the experiment that is Common Core in North Carolina.
On that same note, I applaud Senator Tillman for calling out our local media’s bias on Common Core. From his latest news letter:

Thank you News & Observer

The April 28th edition of the News & Observer published its leading editorial on Common Core.  As you might guess, it was highly critical of our (GOP) proposed legislation to stop it in North Carolina.  The Joint Legislative Research Committee on Common Core State Standards will recommend to the legislature that the national Common Core standards be replaced with North Carolina’s own rigorous standards, and with our own test.  By the way, after 3 years, Common Core still has no national test selected or developed.  The recommendation will also include the development of our own curriculum tied to North Carolina standards and values.  This puts North Carolina back in charge of education and takes it out of the hands of a national consortium of states that know little about North Carolina education, and could likely care less.

Yes thank you News & Observer for once again showing your unashamed liberal bias.  You can’t accept that North Carolina is a red state, that North Carolina is not controlled by Democrats, that North Carolina’s core values and understanding of the constitution is far different from yours, that North Carolina is a conservative-leaning state, and that none of that is likely to change anytime soon.  We’ll see…

When folks I know read your liberal fluff, nine times out of ten they see it the other way.  So thank you for bashing our attempt to end Common Core in North Carolina.  You’ve once again helped a lot.  Thanks so much for your help…

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