UPDATED – Pisgah Inn Owner Tells Beck: I’m Closed, But Blue Ridge Parkway Is Open

Two days ago, I wrote about the Pisgah Inn being closed down by the Park Service per orders from this administration.  The owner, Bruce O’Connell, was interviewed by Glenn Beck at The Blaze about the incident. Watch:

“I’ve got 90 employees. These are the ones that I think President Obama was elected to help. These 90 employees — 50 of them live up there on the property and through no fault of their own they’ve lost their jobs and 50 of them have lost their housing.”

Let me re-iterate something I said previously: The Pisgah, like other businesses on public lands,  has a contract with the Federal government to be on that land. They pay rent, which to my knowledge is still being collected. This administration is throwing 90 people out of work and 50 of them out of their current homes in order to score political points while at the same time taking money from the owner. In essence, O’Connell is paying to be shut down.   By the way the Blue Ridge Parkway itself is OPEN.

O’Connell went on to say they have hired a lawyer to try to obtain a temporary restraining order.  GOOD.

O’Connell said he’s heard from the Governor’s office but nothing more than ‘support’.  So, Governor McCrory are you going to sit by and watch your citizens be used like this?

O’Connell has had contact with his Congressman. That’s good, but what about our Senators? Both seem to have gone dark, at least on Twitter:


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