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Dear Voters, This Election is a Simple Choice (video)

Published on Oct 27, 2012 by TrueFeministVids

A simplification of the larger elements at odds this election. When you boil it down, the choice is not so complicated as our political parties want us to believe. It’s truly very simple, and with a look back at history, it’s easy to see the future, either way.

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Happy Halloween!

As Thing One is not in school today, I decided to take the day off from the Morning Links as well. I wouldn’t leave my readers without some Halloween fun though… Enjoy!

First… a little Halloween message for the current President from the next one.

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#JossWhedon and Zombies

Joss Whedon has decided to get on his celebrity soapbox and complain about Romney:


Politico, being the Obama ass-kissing site it is and displaying the maturity we’ve come to expect this campaign season, ran the story with the headline ‘Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney’. I’m not linking to it – I won’t send them the traffic.

I’ve only seen a few interviews with Whedon before, but I don’t recall him being quite as big of a douche as he is in this video. I think he was going for smart-ass and only managed the ass part. Having said that, this video fits right in with Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets. Petty, small and lame.

I had to watch it twice to get past him chewing on his own words in what can only be described as a condescending socialite whine. I think he might have been trying to channel Anna Wintour.

Pro-tip, Joss — Bayonets are pretty damn handy in a zombie apocalypse. I would have thought you’d know that given your undead background. Fail.

On a personal note…

Dear #JossWhedon – I’d take Romney in ZombieLand before Obama anyday.. because we know what happens to people on Obama’s watch. #BENGHAZI

— LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) October 28, 2012

You can see one of the faithful offered to kill me if I turned into a zombie. How compassionate of them. I have no fear of zombies, just people who can willfully ignore the last four years of failures — and Benghazi — and still vote for Obama. Soulless.

P.S. The Dollhouse sucked not because of the idea but the casting – Dushku is made of fail. I give you props for Serenity and The Avengers. Please, don’t do Wonder Woman like you ‘envisioned’ it. In fact, just don’t do it.

P. S. S. Props aside, like most in Hollywood, you’re a just a poser. Continue reading

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Say What?

Planet Biden Edition
This campaign season, the Vice President has earned his very own edition of Say What?? We were warned back in 2008 of the level of idiocy and insensitivity, but hey, Hope and Change! Continue reading

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No Gutsy Call For American Lives

We learned yesterday that the calls for back up coming out of Benghazi were repeatedly denied by this administration. Got that? They called for help – multiple times. The fight went on for four hours and this administration refused to make the gutsy call to send help. There were survivors that night. The former Seals who rushed back to the Consulate to defend it made sure of that. I think FOX likely is talking to a survivor in their piece.

On top of that, Bob Owens at PJ Media has this update at the bottom of his post from yesterday:

Update: BlackFive confirmed with a retired Delta operator: The fact that ground personnel were painting the target says there was a Spectre on station.

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#FREESTUFF (video)

Steven Crowder has a video up that takes down Lena Dunham and her creeptastic Obama ad. Continue reading

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“make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”

Powerline: Who decided not to save Tyrone Woods?

Make sure you hit all the links posted at the bottom of the Powerline article. Joe ‘Big effin deal’ Biden’s comments are particularly crude.

Get a lawyer, Hillary. Get a dozen in fact. Now would be the time to take Bill’s advice.

Meanwhile in Obama campaign land…

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