NC 07 – Rouzer vs McIntyre

The race in North Carolina’s 7th district between David Rouzer and Mike McIntyre is heating up. Rouzer just hit McIntyre with a new ad:

McIntyre, the incumbent made national headlines when he and fellow Democrat, Larry Kissell, announced they would be boycotting the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last month. It was rather a transparent attempt to distance himself from President Obama and Obamacare. Perhaps it was wise, given the disturbing turn of events with voting that ensued regarding the party’s platform.

Nancy Pelosi seemed to have no problem with their absence however, commenting that “I think they should stay home, campaign in their districts (and) use their financial and political resources to help them win their elections.”  Well, seems like Pelosi told McIntyre he’s on his own a bit there.

Financial and political resources in their districts, indeed. NC-07 has turned into the 5th most expensive race in the country:

Republicans see an opportunity to dislodge North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre, who finds himself in a much less friendly district in 2012.

McIntyre — one of the last surviving Blue Dog Democrats — is running in a district that has a substantial Republican registration advantage, making him one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country.

Two groups — the NRCC and YG Action Fund — have poured more than $2 million in a bid to unseat the Democrat.

But Democrats haven’t given up on McIntyre, who proved his political chops after winning reelection in a 2010 midterm election that otherwise wiped out the ranks of Southern Democrats. The DCCC and House Majority PAC are combining to spend just south of $1 million to support him. – Politico

The GOP is outspending McIntyre at a rate of 2-1, eve with recent DCCC funds pouring in. McIntyre has been in NC-07 since 1997 and seemingly has gotten very comfortable there. McIntyre also has gotten comfy in Rome on the tax payer’s dime. I’m sure Mrs. McIntyre loved having her 29th anniversary there. We didn’t get a thank you note though:

After flying overnight to Rome, the coterie will check in Saturday for two nights at a 5-star hotel on the famous and expensive Via Veneto. Lunch follows at a quiet restaurant near the Vatican before the group heads off for a tour. Then it’s “evening at leisure.”

Sunday begins with breakfast followed by a Latin High Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. An afternoon “cultural tour of Rome” will cost “approx $35/person” so delegation members will need to carry some cash. More personal time follows. The schedule notes: “See Welcome packages for suggested venues.”

Monday morning the business begins. The congressmen will have a half-hour meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Italy David Thorne. Then it’s off to the Bank of Italy to discuss, presumably, the European debt crisis that, so far, the government in Rome has managed to stave off.

Then it’s off to the airport and wheels-up to Tbilisi at noon..

A U.S. government official familiar with the planning for the Rome leg said the weekend alone will cost taxpayers about $70,000. He noted that figure includes extra security, drivers and overtime for embassy staff, including a cashier and two guards for a delegation courtesy room at the hotel where guests can exchange their dollars for Euros, instead of heading to the nearest ATM. – Huffington Post

McIntyre also enjoyed not one, but three leased vehicles, courtesy of the taxpayer back in 2005, as reported by McClatchy:

Triple Dippers: The following members lease three cars monthly at taxpayer expense:

Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C.

Those three on 2006 cost $13,130.40 — Chevy Trailblazer; Pontiac Grand Prix ; Pontiac Bonneville. McIntyre did it again in 2009, this time leasing two:

Four lawmakers opted to lease cars rather than
request mileage reimbursements for private vehicles.
Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-7th, leased two 2009 Chevrolet
Malibus, one of them a hybrid. Myrick also leased
a hybrid — a 2009 Honda Civic. – Carolina Journal via the John Locke Foundation, p.3
(Note: The same article also notes it cost $319,123.08 to maintain McIntyre’s offices. Are his chairs made of gold?)

Rep. McIntyre has expensive tastes and he doesn’t seem to hide it much. Perhaps that’s why his offices were targeted recently by burglars:

McIntyre’s office lost two bottles of Scotch, three presidential Easter eggs, two bottles of cologne, and 10 pairs of collector’s cuff links, each valued at $100. Other missing memorabilia from Rayburn includes Gallegly’s collection of license plates, and Lewis’s four autographed baseballs, six bottles of wine, and a set of presidential Easter eggs.

McIntyre’s 16 year track record is less impressive than his presidential Easter eggs or cuff link collection, via

Zero bills that became laws in sixteen years. Underwhelming. OpenCongress also notes he votes with his party 68% of the time.  Real Clear Politics ranks this race as a toss-up right now, the voters will speak in a matter of weeks. Time will tell.

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