NC Congresswoman Renee Ellmers : House GOP Competition Promotes Use of New Media

In 2010, Renee Ellmers grabbed national headlines when she unseated long-time NC Congressman, Bob Etheridge. Her win came from a successful positive, issue driven campaign and a handy endorsement from Tea Party supporter and Kingmaker, Sarah Palin.

That win also came from the drumbeats of the conservative and new media blogs across the country, carrying her message and spreading the truth about her opponent. We now have another opportunity to lend a hand  via her YouTube her channel. From Congresswoman Ellmer’s site:

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers : House GOP Competition Promotes Use of New Media.

Over the past three weeks, my office has been competing in the 2012 House GOP New Media Challenge.  After a qualifying round to place contestants into NCAA style brackets, I’ve faced off against a different member of Congress each week in Facebook, Twitter, and now, YouTube rounds.

The competition, now it its third year, promotes the use of new media among members and their constituents. The House Republican Conference sponsors the competition and Vice Chairwoman Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ office oversees it.  She says that in the past three years they have hosted the challenge, overall new media use by members of the GOP conference has increased from 30 percent of House Republicans on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to 85 percent.

In addition to the competition promoting the use of social media (specifically Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), the competition encourages and highlights innovative and creative approaches using other forms of new media, such as websites, e-newsletters and blogs.

I’ve made the use of new media a priority since the day I took office.  It not only allows me the opportunity to connect with constituents where they are, whether on laptop, tablet or mobile phone, but it allows constituents to share their thoughts and concerns with me.

Thanks to constituents who engage regularly on my social media networks, and to some very generous and helpful friends in the right blogosphere, I have advanced to the “Sweet Sixteen” round of the competition. The goal of this week’s YouTube round is to add as many subscribers as possible to our official YouTube accounts.

Join the fun and support your favorite member of Congress online – whether they are still in the competition or not.  But first, please subscribe to my YouTube channel today and be sure to visit me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well.

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