Chapel Hill Hypocrisy

Occupying a vacant Dealership? What heroes.

Try occupying some reality.

This morning as I sipped my coffee I was treated to an Occupy story out of Chapel Hill. The story was about a group of self-proclaimed Anarchists out of the Occupy Chapel Hill Obamaville that were arrested for attempting to occupy an empty car dealership and attempting to squat in it. Of course, the interview came complete with whining and complaining that the cops had actually shown up with guns and actually  had the nerve to arrest them. The lead “witness” was a young woman named Anna Shaw was dressed in black and sporting a nose ring that is certain to make sure she is written off at a job interview. You can read the local story on it and view the video of said nose-ringed woman here. The report notes that a group of 70 protesters was what police were bracing for, so of course they were armed and ready for possibly trouble. Given that police have been routinely assaulted and the escalating violence of the occupiers (see here, here and here), in my opinion, they came appropriately armed for this incident. Who knows what kind of resistance they might have met? To those who were arrested or witnessed the arrests, here’s a reality check — this is how it works. You break the law and you get arrested. If you associate with a group known for violence nationwide, you get arrested SWAT style.

Occupy arrests aside, Chapel Hill does have a history of throwing a liberal temper tantrum from time to time and that’s far more interesting than a bunch of misguided and over-privileged white kids from a pricey school playing protester getting arrested for breaking and entering. Dissenting opinions are not particularly welcome at UNC Chapel Hill.  The most recent and probably most disturbing example of the how one-sided free speech can be at UNC Chapel Hill was when Tom Tancredo came to speak. We saw first hand how Freedom of Speech works on the UNC Campus from the student body:

We also saw how it was handled by the administration. The arrest of a student was the result, Haley Koch – practically a poster girl of the Liberal Left. No shocker that six others were arrested not much later when Virgil Meade came to campus to speak on Immigration reform. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t try to re-institute the Speaker ban.

Other highlights from UNC-CH illustrious protest and free speech history include:

  • Censoring one of their own Faculty. Tenure be damned, march in order like the rest. They like to eat their own when they step out of the narratives.
  • Protesting the execution of Convicted Cop murderer, Troy Davis. Why do the left idolize murderers?
  • Protesting the Law school when former US Attorney General Mukasey was invited to speak. Anything connected to Bush will be protested, naturally.
  • Protesting a Playboy pictorial for its exploitation of women but not protesting when “photographer” Larry Flynt came to speak. Makes total sense.
  • Protesting a Confederate Statue that has been in a park near campus for 100 years – because we all know how racists statues are. Re-write history and erase any evidence of it, that’s the way!
  • Protesting the Campus newspaper for a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed.  Surprised they weren’t firebombed.
  • Protesting a terrorist attack on the UNC Campus…actually they were protesting about religious violence. Hey wait, that’s actually a sane one. Have no fear the rest of them didn’t want to label it a terror attack at all!  Facts be damned.
  • Protesting Course Selection… Studies In Western Civilization. The alternate title according to a leaflet was “Should UNC-CH Accept $12 Million
    from Racist, Sexist, Classist, Homophobic Donors?”  If we don’t study it, then it doesn’t exist! That’s progress.
  • Protesting apparel sold on campus that is made in “Sweatshops”.  Note the website I linked to. Where a liberal is, the union is never far behind.
  • Supporting a terror-tied, Islamic supremacist bent on sharia for America who also displays such tolerance and sensitivity in building a Victory mosque at Ground Zero. I would bet not a single member of that audience knows what taqiyya is.
  • Protesting Christmas trees. Yes, in true liberal tolerant fashion, Christmas trees are considered offensive in the school library. I’m sure these outraged tree haters were even angrier when the trees and other decorations were re-instituted.
  • Demanding transparency and accountability, UNC community to protest education cuts and layoffs.  Their first demand is “Chop from the Top”. Looks like the Dems of UNC were 1% haters ahead of their time. I didn’t see any students out actually protesting alongside the workers claiming racism and unfair practices though.

That list is just the low hanging fruit. It’s clear UNC Chapel Hill is fairly hostile to Conservatives and that suppression of speech that does not fall into the Liberal narrative exists there.  The above list is just a start, but seeing is often believing:

If that video wasn’t clear enough on the liberal mentality on campus, check out Election night 2008:

I wonder if any of them are occupiers.

UPDATED: Video of the 7 arrested; at least one identified as an anarchist. ABC 11 goes to great lengths to discuss it with one of the Occupiers who tries to distance Occupy CH from these seven and the anarchist label. Nice try.

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  5. suetv says:

    Very good article. The links and video clips clinch the points securely. If anyone can read the article, review attached links and see the videos, and still not get the picture, then they are seriously incapable of understanding even the most basic concepts of reason and reality.


    • ^^suetv, my sentiments exactly~~ compendious gem garnished with more than enough substantiating links of factual interest. Considering myself a seeker whenever I perch here I make a game of noting things that stick out………It’s really scary, the ignorance behind this occupy whatever phenomena. Personified evil fueled by this ignorance is gaining a stronghold and frankly, now that it gained such widespread momentum, we contemplate what it will take to put an end to it. Like a computer, life can’t be “reset to an earlier time.” Like I’m sure many others do, I continue to fret over the dynamics of the occupy movement then lament later my mental energy wasted on this obsession.


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