The Leandro comprehensive plan was submitted yesterday

The long-running Leandro case has an update. As of yesterday, the “comprehensive remedial plan” was submitted to the court.

In July of 2015, Judge Manning announced his retirement but he kept hearing the case until Oct. 7, 2016. When Manning retired, former North Carolina Chief Justice Mark Martin reassigned Leandro to Emergency Superior Court Judge David Lee.  Lee will likely call a hearing on the plan in the near future.

“The Plan details the actions the State and State Board of Education are committed to taking and the corresponding goals that they intend to achieve by 2028, with the full educational benefits of these measures realized by 2030,” the introduction reads in part.

The 57-page remedial plan submitted to the NC Superior Court has seven  main components:

1. A system of teacher development and recruitment that ensures each classroom is staffed with a high-quality teacher who is supported with early and ongoing professional learning and provided competitive pay;

2. A system of principal development and recruitment that ensures each school is led by a high-quality principal who is supported with early and ongoing professional learning and provided competitive pay;

3. A finance system that provides adequate, equitable, and predictable funding to school districts and, importantly, adequate resources to address the needs of all North Carolina schools and students, especially at-risk students as defined by the Leandro decisions;

4. An assessment and accountability system that reliably assesses multiple measures of student performance against the Leandro standard and provides accountability consistent with the Leandro standard;

5. An assistance and turnaround function that provides necessary support to low-performing schools and districts;

6. A system of early education that provides access to high-quality prekindergarten and other early childhood learning opportunities to ensure that all students at-risk of educational failure, regardless of where they live in the State, enter kindergarten on track for school success; and

7. An alignment of high school to postsecondary and career expectations, as well as the provision of early postsecondary and workforce

The full remedial plan document can be viewed here.

Read the backstory and timeline of the Leandro case here.

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