NCGA Forms School Safety Committee

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting protecting our schools from violence is in the mind of North Carolina legislators.

Democrat Rep. Marcia Morey (Durham-30) wants to put up a bill called the “Gun Violence Restraining Order” or GVRO.

Morey, like most Democrats, has no idea what she’s talking about – she wants to ban all AR-15’s and “semi-automatic military guns.”

Morey, who said she would also support federal legislation banning all AR-15s, semi-automatic military guns and bump stocks, said her proposal was not about “taking away gun rights.” (News and Observer)

She’s not talking about taking away anyone’s rights though, you guys.

According to the News and Observer, Morey says her bill would give judges the same latitude they have with domestic violence restraining orders. In short, someone can file a petition to block a person from buying a gun if they are “exhibiting violent behavior.”

It’s not bad for consideration but defining what exactly is “exhibiting violent behavior” is and who decides that will be the big issue.

What would be more effective is a police officer assigned to all schools, but we know the Left will complain about that. In conjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Social Justice Warriors in NC have been pushing to remove School Resource Officers (SRO’s) from our schools.

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Remember, Qasima Wideman is involved with the Communist World Workers Party now. The same chapter in Durham that destroyed a Confederate Statue last year.

NC Already Has Laws In Place

North Carolina already has several laws on the books with regard to guns and schools.

Students can be suspended for a full calendar year for bringing a gun on campus.
(§ 115C-390.10. 365-day suspension for gun possession.)

Then there’s a statute about weapons on campus, which makes encouraging a minor to carry a weapon, including a gun, or explosive device onto a campus a felony.
(§ 14-269.2. Weapons on campus or other educational property.)

There are several other relevant statutes that folks should be aware of:

  • § 160A-288.4. Police chief may establish volunteer school safety resource officer program.
  • § 162-26. Sheriff may establish volunteer school safety resource officer program.
  • § 14-316. Permitting young children to use dangerous firearms.
  • § 14-34.10. Discharge firearm within enclosure to incite fear.
  • § 14-315.2. Warning upon sale or transfer of firearm to protect minor.
  • § 14-415.12. Criteria to qualify for the issuance of a permit.
  • § 14-404. Issuance or refusal of permit; appeal from refusal; grounds for refusal; sheriff’s fee.

School Safety Committee Formed

The General Assembly has put together a school safety committee. House Speaker Tim Moore put out a press release yesterday describing the committee and who is on it.

Snippet from the release:

The committee will seek expert input on securing the state’s classrooms and education facilities in the wake of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that left 17 students and faculty dead and more than a dozen wounded.

“As parents, our highest priority is keeping our children safe,” said Moore.

“It starts with building safer schools in the capital construction phase and maintaining secure education facilities every day across North Carolina. It is our duty to provide the highest level of physical security for our kids’ classrooms through access control, surveillance and training.”

“This committee will evaluate current state policy and examine recommendations to best protect our precious children and educators.”

The statement goes on to say that the committee will  “consult with local governments, school systems and policy experts in a range of fields to address violence prevention, emergency management and security in North Carolina classrooms.”

Here is who was appointed to this new House committee:

Representative David Lewis, Co-Chair
Representative John Torbett, Co-Chair
Representative John Faircloth, Vice-Chair

Representative Nelson Dollar
Representative Brenden Jones
Representative Jeffrey Elmore
Representative Donny Lambeth
Representative Elmer Floyd
Representative Marvin Lucas
Representative John Bell
Representative Rosa Gill
Representative Chris Malone
Representative Larry Bell
Representative Holly Grange
Representative Allen McNeill
Representative Mary Ann Black
Representative Pricey Harrison
Representative Rodney Moore
Representative Jamie Boles
Representative Kelly Hastings
Representative Garland Pierce
Representative William Brawley
Representative Cody Henson
Representative Stephen Ross
Representative Dana Bumgardner
Representative Yvonne Holley
Representative Jason Saine
Representative Justin Burr
Representative Craig Horn
Representative Sarah Stevens
Representative Carla Cunningham
Representative Pat Hurley
Representative Larry Strickland
Representative Ted Davis
Representative Verla Insko
Representative Harry Warren
Representative Jimmy Dixon
Representative Darren Jackson
Representative Donna White
Representative Josh Dobson
Representative Linda Johnson

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