Twitter Engineer Hints They Might Be Giving Trump Info to DOJ [Video]

Project Veritas just dropped a new video. The overall implication of the video is that Twitter is sharing President Trump’s private direct messages with the Mueller investigation.

Clay Haynes is a senior network security engineer at Twitter. The video captures some disturbing remarks from him when asked about all the information that Twitter keeps on its users.

“So, what we can do is on our side is actually terrifying.”

“It’s dangerous. Also very, very, creepy big brotherish.”

“We’re more than happy to help the Department of Justice in their little investigation.”

Haynes lists out items Twitter keeps like passwords, the person’s exact location, deleted messages, pictures and every single direct message the person has ever sent or received.

The video description reads:

A Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter suggesting that his company turns over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice. If true, it is yet unknown whether Twitter is voluntarily disclosing this sensitive information or acting under a court order. Twitter is currently in the midst of defending itself from left-leaning criticism that President Trump hasn’t been removed from the enormous media platform for violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

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