Legal Immigrant at March4Trump: Trump is a “lion surrounded by hyenas”

Protesters attempted to ‘wall in’ supporters of the President at the “March4Trump” event which took place in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday.

The ‘wall builders’ appeared to be led by a woman named Elena Ceberio, who is involved with the Indivisible Triangle Daily Action group.

American Lens’ A.P. Dillon joined K.C. O’Dea on his radio program not too long ago and he kicked off the segment by discussing Ceberio and her fellow Individual Guide followers for their ability to yell at cardboard pictures of North Carolina’s senators.

Ceberio made claims to ABC 11 that she was ‘threatened’ while attempting to build the paper wall around protesters at the March 4 Trump event.

American Lens had three people on the ground covering the ‘wall building’ and no threats were overheard. One young man, named Alex, heard Ceberio’s claims of threats and began yelling, “You’re lying!”

Their exchange was caught near the end of this ABC 11 report. Watch it here.

American Lens also caught the exchange:

We caught up with the young man afterward and he agreed to speak with us. We found out his name is Alex, he’s from the Middle East originally and immigrated here legally.

We also found out he’s a fan of the President because he feels that Trump is a “lion surrounded by hyenas and traitors.”  Here’s our interview with Alex.

American Lens: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Alex: My name is Alex. Originally, I am from the Middle East. Came here as a legal immigrant. Went through vetting and the legal way; waited for years. I live in Raleigh here in North Carolina. It’s going to be like, 5 years now.

American Lens: Why did you decide to come out to the March4Trump rally today?

Alex by Kari Baxter Donovan

Alex – Photo by Kari Baxter Donovan

Alex: I wanted this to happen for a long time. Especially when I see so many lies… so many people going on the streets and speaking against the President. SO many lies, so many fake news I would like to call it.

He really didn’t say that all free press or the media is the enemy.

We the people understood. We don’t consider the media or the free press the enemy, we consider it a valid, appreciated fourth authority as they call it… that we need, because the place I came from, the media did not have the freedom to speak.

I’m with the media, but I’m not with the lies. I’m not with some of the media ”“ I like to call them the globalist, liberal media.

American Lens: How do you think the President is doing so far?

Alex: I am very satisfied with his work so far.

I know there are billions of dollars being spent against him ”“ against his administration.
I know that he is like a lion, surrounded by hyenas and traitors as I call them. But I believe he is going to continue to deliver.

As the great Vice President says, they are in the ‘promise delivering business’ and I believe that.

The reason I stood for President Trump is back when he was in the campaign as a nominee, I stood for him because I don’t want to see the same people who tried to kill me more than five times… [brought to the US].  I have so many scars on my body because of them.

I have no faith in them ”“ I left my faith, I left Islam. Because I had somewhat more liberal policies about life. It is not the same as here, but liberal policies here mean you are with women. I’m with women, I want to one day see a woman president ”“ yes, of course.

Conservative would be great but the reason is there is no more ‘both sides’. I see there are those who are American and then those who are bought and paid for.

Also, I am not against gay people. I am not against homosexuals. They need to have the freedom to live their life and no one should force them or hurt them. I will stand and defend them. I am not against anybody.

Alex - March4trump-protesters

March4Trump rally goer “Alex” walks out to meet protesters by Kari Baxter Donovan

I believe what the liberals, or so-called democrats now in the Senate and the House of Representatives, what they stand for is to bring those people who tried to kill me, who killed my gay friend back in the Middle East, who killed many people who just left Islam or didn’t have the same opinion as them, here to the U.S.

Unfortunately now what we see from liberals is they are burning books, they are shutting down free speech.

[They do this] All in the name of so-called ‘anti-fascism’. Ironically, they are doing the fascist work.

By the end, I believe that he [President Trump] will do an excellent job. And I am on my path to citizenship, so the next election he will get my vote 100%.

American Lens: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Alex: Thank you for the opportunity.

This article first appeared at American Lens News on March 6, 2017.

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