Gee, WRAL’s @NCCapitol Account Finally Shows Some Transparency – #ncpol #vpdebate

What media bias?

Let’s look at that again.


Go look at the rest of WRAL’s Capitol Coverage Tweets from the debate. It’s a veritable Kaine cheerleading section.

Who was doing that tweeting? An anonymous staffer not unlike the majority of anonymously written articles in the new “opinion” section?

Update: The NC Capitol account says it was “a mistake“. Yes, a mistake that is still there. Sure. I called bullcrap on that reply and asked who was tweeting that night.  *Crickets*.

Some reality checks for WRAL and their NC Capitol tweeter:

And Finally: SEVENTY TWO TIMES. But go Kaine!

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  2. Tim Kaine’s “Creepy Factor” went off the scale. I can see him in a raincoat hanging out at playgrounds. YIKES!


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