CEO’s Who Bashed NC’s #HB2 On Receiving End of Scandals, Discrimination Charges

This past Spring, the Human Rights Campaign enlisted a number of businesses in their economic blackmail campaign intended to force North Carolina into repealing House Bill 2 (HB2).

These businesses ignored that HB2 allows private business to administer their own facilities policies, where as the Charlotte Ordinance forced public and private business alike to ban single sex facilities.

Many of these businesses and their CEO’s called HB2 ‘discriminatory’, including the CEO of Wells Fargo and  PayPal’s Peter Thiel. In the last two days, both of these men are now facing some serious scandals.

The Wells Fargo CEO is facing being docked up to $45 million by the company:

Why the huge swing at the CEO?  Over the sales practices scandal that included, “millions of bogus customer accounts were opened by its bankers in the names of existing customers and outsiders, all to meet relentless sales quotas imposed from above.“.

A start-up that was funded with Federal money and Co-founded by PayPal’s Thiel is now facing hiring discrimination charges:

Perhaps less social justice activism and a little more attention to business and ethics might be a good idea.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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