Target Earnings Fall, Is #BoyCottTarget Having an Effect?

Difficult Retail Environment“.

Tell me again that the Boycott Target movement didn’t have an effect?

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3 Responses to Target Earnings Fall, Is #BoyCottTarget Having an Effect?

  1. bigalsouth says:

    I haven’t seen any active “protests” at Target outlets on the news. Apparently, people who disagree with Target’s policy (allowing perfectly healthy males to use the ladies changing rooms) just simply stopped shopping there.


  2. Kim says:

    LOL! Money talks — and it how we “little people” can fight back. Do your research before spending your money. A good place to start — stop going to Hollywood movies, stop tithing at your illegal resettlement churches like the Catholic Church, Mormons, Lutherans, etc. and think Dollywood NOT Disney World!!!


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