Majority of Businesses Signing on to #HB2 Amicus Brief are from Outside NC

On July 8th, 68 businesses filed an Amicus Brief in support of the Dept. of Justice lawsuit over North Carolina’s House Bill 2.


The same day, Governor McCrory’s office released the following statement:

Governor Pat McCrory’s office issued the following statement from General Counsel Bob Stephens:
“Balancing the competing values of privacy and equality is an important national debate.  But North Carolina does not believe that government at any level should impose bathroom, locker room, or shower mandates on the private sector.  North Carolina businesses can establish their own non-discrimination policies as well as set their own rules for bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. 
“North Carolina law protects the long-held expectations of privacy for women and children in government facilities, schools, and highway rest stops, while providing accommodations for special circumstances.  It’s disappointing that some companies are joining the Obama Administration’s position which jeopardizes those long-held expectations of privacy.  Those corporations that have joined the left-wing HRC are ignoring the fact that they operate in 22 other states, which like North Carolina, are challenging the federal government’s overreach. 
“North Carolina welcomes businesses, which is why we have had the fourth fastest GDP growth in the county since 2013 and the ninth largest unemployment rate decline in the nation. In just the past 14 weeks, approximately 3,000 jobs have been announced across North Carolina.”

The list of companies per the Amicus Brief:

Accenture; Affirm, Inc.; Airbnb, Inc.; American Airlines; Apple Inc.; Biogen Inc.; Bloomberg L.P.; Boehinger Ingleheim USA; Box; Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.; Capital One Financial Corporation; Cisco Systems, Inc.; Consumer Technology Association (CTA); Corning Incorporated; Cummins Inc.; Dropbox, Inc.; eBay, Inc.; E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company; Etsy, Inc.; Everlaw, Inc.; Expedia, Inc.; Fifty Three, Inc.; Galxyz, Inc.; Gap Inc.; General Electric Company; Glassdoor, Inc.; Grokker; Hilton Worldwide; Honor; IBM Corporation; IKEA North America Services, LLC; Instacart; Intel Corporation; John Hancock Financial; Levi Strauss & Co.; LinkedIn Corporation; Logitech Inc.; Marriott International; Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company; Microsoft Corporation; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams; Morgan Stanley; Nextdoor; NIKE; Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.; Orbitz Worldwide; PayPal; Pepo Inc.; Quotient; RBC Capital Markets, LLC; Red Hat; Replacements, Ltd.; Salesforce; Slack; SV Angel LLC; Symantec Corporation; TD Bank, N.A.; Teespring; The Dow Chemical Company; Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.; ThirdLove; Tumblr; UnifyID, Inc.; United Airlines, Inc.; Williams-Sonoma, Inc.; Yelp Inc.; Zest Finance; and Zynga Inc.

Much like the origin of the petitions dramatically delivered to the Governor’s office for maximum media impact, the majority of these businesses seem to be located in California.

While many of the 68 have done business in the state and continue to do so, only about a dozen or more seem to have a major presence/ facility residing in the state of North Carolina or are actually headquartered in the state.

That dozen includes Accenture, Biogen Inc., Cisco Systems Inc, Cummins Inc, IBM Corporation,  Ikea, Marriot, Microsoft, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, PayPal, RBC Capital Markets, Red Hat and United Airlines.


*This article has been updated.

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