March 15th, 2016 GOP Primary Results

Christie StareDonald Trump won all states in play last night except Ohio, where Governor John Kasich pulled off winning his home state. That’s important since Ohio’s a winner take all state and has 66 delegates.

Rubio did not win his home state of Florida and was a distant second to Trump.

Just a week ago, Rubio said, “I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida primary next Tuesday will be the nominee of the Republican Party.”

Looks like the Nominee is going to be Trump then.

Rubio also suspended his campaign last night.

While I am a Cruz supporter and not a fan of Rubio’s involvement with the Gang of 8, let me say that it does not make me happy in the least to see Rubio lose Florida.  I firmly believe that either Cruz or Rubio would be far better choices than Trump.

The March 15th GOP Primary results via DecisionDeskHQ, bear in mind some of these race numbers not 100% final or official yet. Note that the NC results are pulled from the NC State Board of Elections website.

Florida Votes North Carolina Votes
Donald Trump 45.8% 1,063,029 Donald Trump 40.2% 458,233
Marco Rubio 27.0% 628,283 Ted Cruz 36.8% 418,783
Ted Cruz 17.0% 395,639 John Kasich 12.7% 144,355
John Kasich 6.8% 157,316 Marco Rubio 7.7% 87,864
All Others 3.4% 75,953 All Others 2.6% 29,641
Illinois Votes Ohio Votes
Donald Trump 39.0% 499,719 John Kasich 46.7% 888,715
Ted Cruz 30.0% 384,649 Donald Trump 36.0% 684,989
John Kasich 20.0% 256,755 Ted Cruz 13.4% 254,095
Marco Rubio 8.6% 109,813 Marco Rubio 2.3% 44,327
All Others 2.4% 30,884 All Others 1.5% 29,446
Missouri Votes N. Mariana Islands Votes
Donald Trump 40.7% 382,093 Donald Trump 72.4% 341
Ted Cruz 40.5% 380,367 Ted Cruz 24.0% 113
John Kasich 10.1% 94,533 John Kasich 2.1% 10
Marco Rubio 6.2% 58,594 Marco Rubio 1.1% 5
All Others 2.5% 23,847 All Others 0.4% 2

Here is the delegate count this morning for the top four.

Trump –  621
Cruz –  396
Rubio – 168
Kasich –  138

(Carson 8, Uncommitted 8, Bush 4, Fiorina 1, Huckabee 1, Paul 1. Christie, Gilmore and Santorum all had zero.)

1,237 delegates are needed for to grab the nomination.  Check the Politico Delegate Tracker to see where the candidates picked up their delegates by clicking the word “details” on the far right hand side of the candidate’s name.

I’ll have more details on NC races in a separate article.

In the meantime…

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