March 8th GOP Primary Results

ConsequencesThese are the March 8th primary results via Decision Desk HQ.

Trump won three states. Cruz won one state. In the three states Trump won, Cruz came in second. Cruz overtook John Kasich in Michigan to come in second.


The vote tallies by state per Decision Desk HQ:


Candidate % Of Votes Votes Cast Votes Behind
Cruz 45.4% 100,928
Trump 28.1% 62,466 38,462
Rubio 15.9% 35,333 65,595
Kasich 7.4% 16,515 84,413
All Other 3.1% 6,925 91,003


Candidate % Of Votes Votes Cast Votes Behind
Trump 36.6% 494,638
Cruz 24.8% 334,994 159,644
Kasich 24.1% 326,049 168,589
Rubio 9.4% 126,867 367,771
All Other 5.1% 69,386 425,252


Candidate % Of Votes Votes Cast Votes Behind
Trump 47.3% 176,804
Cruz 36.7% 136,995 39,809
Kasich 8.7% 32,762 144,132
Rubio 5.1% 18,904 157,900
All Other 2.3% 8,415 168,389


Candidate % Of Votes Votes Cast Votes Behind
Trump 42.4% 5,677
Cruz 32.7% 4,379 1,298
Rubio 13.1% 1,759 3,918
Kasich 10.6% 1,413 4,264
All Other 1.1% 149 5,528

Per the AP this morning, this was the delegate tally:

Trump: 458
Cruz: 359
Rubio: 151
Kasich: 54

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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5 Responses to March 8th GOP Primary Results

  1. rj1094 says:

    I’ve been a rock solid CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE fighting for smaller government, LESS regulations, LOWER taxes, religious liberty, a strong military, and against Common Core/PC indoctrination for over 30 years! The establishment Republicans need a shellacking this November or the party is dead in the water. Only Trump can deliver the numbers, the energy and the REASONS for killing the RINOS who have IGNORED the will of the people and the tea party. We cannot elect another ‘lawyer politician’ and have any credibility. Bonnie Dougherty, Cdr, USN RET.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      I’m sorry you feel that a man who has supported Democrats both financially and ideologically for over 40 years is best suited to lead ‘conservatively’.

      The man financed 5 out of the 8 of the Gang of 8 legislators, for crying out loud.

      Trump knows absolutely nothing about education. He knows less about Common Core and I find his stumping using Common Core as a rally cry incredibly insulting given the fight I’ve lead in this state over it.

      Can you explain to me the difference between “Hope and Change” and “Make America Great Again” for folks reading this?

      Having said that, it’s still a free country. Vote for who you like.


    • Stacie Clarke says:

      You do realize Trump has said several times he’s part of the GOP “establishment?”

      “Hey, don’t forget… I was establishment six months ago… I was pure establishment.” Donald Trump on Fox & Friends, December 12, 2015

      “You know, the top people, senators, and all these people, a lot of them don’t know me. A lot of them do because, as you know, I’ve been in politics for a long time…I used to be establishment. You know, I’d write big checks all the time, right? I was establishment. – Donald Trump on Sean Hannity, February 29

      Trump is only going to add / make worse the issues we are dealing with right now. He’s not a Conservative Constitutionalist, which is exactly what we need. We’re punishing the one guy who IS a Conservative Constitutionalist and who has NEVER caved or supported Obama! That man is Ted Cruz.


  2. Jason says:

    Marco Rubio didn’t win a single delegate last night. He MUST get out. Time to coalesce behind Ted Cruz!


    • Stacie Clarke says:

      Agree!! We have to get behind Cruz! He’s the only Conservative Constitutionalist running for POTUS!


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