I want to turn my friend in for ‘bad behavior’. In NC, there’s an app for that.

Students no longer have to actually own up to anything anymore. If a student  wants to turn their friend in for ‘bad behavior’ in multiple NC districts, there’s an app for that.


The Speak Up NC app will debut in their schools next week. It’s a new, free app from the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools.

“Sometimes students want to tell, but they don’t know who to tell and they don’t want to be known as a snitch,” said Trooper Doug Coley.

Speak Up NC is a safety program that allows students to submit anonymous tips about bullying, illegal drug and alcohol use, fighting, weapons and other concerns.

“It’s going to add a layer of quickness to the whole equation we haven’t had before,” said Assistant Principal Michael Moon.

In addition to a written tip, students can attach a photo, video or details about their location. The message will go directly to a team of administrators at the school.

Carolina Plotthound called this a ‘precursor to the Edu-Gestapo’. I don’t think that’s far off really. It reminds me a lot of President Obama’s Attack Watch, frankly.

Is it me, or can’t you just smell the lawsuits coming?

Districts listed so far:

There’s a map of participating schools.

Parents in these counties, are you aware that your school districts are piloting an app that lets kids turn other kids in for ‘bad behavior’?

big-brother-1984Students of Oceania, this is for your own good, you know. Spy on your fellow students.

I went to their website, the first thing that happened was my browser alerted me that the page wanted my location. Yeah, I blocked that.

There are multiple “tips” you can enter: Bullying, danger, drugs, fighting, underage drinking and weapons.

According to the website, this app is a product of the NC Department of Public Safety.

Kids can put this app right on their phones.

“Students are given a convenient reporting method to provide tips and leads to their school administration and school resource officer in an application offered by the N.C. Center for Safer Schools”

And who sees this beyond those parties? Is this a public record?

How does someone falsely accused clear themselves if it’s “anonymous”? Who decides what is actionable if the tip can’t be verified? The degree to which this app has the potential to abuse the rights of students is stunning.

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    This smells of Nazi Germany gone technological. And we all know kids will be kids. I can see them making all kinds of false accusations about others they do not like. Any parent that allows their children to participate in this needs to have their head examined.


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