#WBOC Is Really On A Roll Lately, Hits Debunked ‘Wage Gap’

MoreWithFourNotOneCentBackWBOC14The Wake County Commissioners certainly are on a roll lately.

First it was shifting from their campaign promises that education spending was their top priority to transit being their big hair deal.

Now they are taking up the long debunked ‘wage gap’ myth.

News and Observer:

Shortly after the White House moved to address the income gap between men and women, Wake County leaders say they want to do the same.

Members of the Wake County Board of Commissioners on Monday said they want to find a way that the government and community can help ensure that women achieve the same academic and professional success as their male counterparts. Their comments came after hearing a report that the income gap in Wake County is worse than the national average.

Wake women on average earn 69 percent of what men make, according to Jackie Terry Hughes, an attorney who helped author the report presented to commissioners. Nationally, women earn 79 percent of what men make.

Way to revive a long debunked myth, Wake County Commissioners! You’re about a year behind the news cycle, there guys.

Let’s go to crazy, right wing site, CBS news:  The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth

If that article has just WAAAY too many words for the Commissioners, perhaps video is more their speed:

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